March 7, 2023

IQBoard IQTouch Series Prices Affordable Interactive Display

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IQBoard IQTouch Series Prices Affordable Interactive Display


Five years ago, IQBoard IQTouch Series was not completely ubiquitous across European classrooms. According to Futuresource Consulting reports, in late 2016 interactive displays accounted for 54% of all new display purchases in education.

The cost of a new IQBoard IQTouch Series will normally fall in the range of $1,000 to $6,500 depending on which model you buy.

Digital Podium - 5
Digital Podium – 5

IQBoard IQTouch Series is no longer the only well-known name in the Interactive Whiteboard market, but if you’re dead set on purchasing an IQBoard you’ve probably noticed it is a huge pain to find the prices. 

Why is it such a pain to find prices?

 IQBoard sellers want to offer a wide range of accredited technical services, training, and more. They want to sell you on a package/service, not just a product.


IQBoard has recently launched a new entry-level interactive touchscreen called the IQTouch Series, to help address tightening budgets in the education sector. So it is an affordable interactive display for schools.

Touch Technology

One of the key benefits of interactive touchscreens over the old interactive whiteboards is their more accurate touch function. The latest touch technology allows multiple users to engage at the same time, writing, drawing, and using accurately as if on paper.  IQTouch Series uses infra-red touch technology, originally pioneered in 2010.

Inclusion of the powerful IQBoard software

The great news is the IQBoard IQTouch Series includes a license for IQBoard software. Supported and developed by a global team of education specialists, IQBoard educational platform software brings a wealth of tools, options, and experiences to the classroom.

When making decisions to purchase your school’s most important interactive display teaching tools, it’s vital the choice is made with teaching and learning outcomes at the front of mind. This is after all what we’re all here for! Making prices affordable is of course often necessary, but these must be carefully considered in the framework of teaching and learning.

In the meantime, click here to see a comparison chart of different IQTouch Series on IQBoard website.

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