March 7, 2023

Interactive Whiteboard Prices and Beginner Guide to Buy

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Interactive Whiteboard Prices and Beginner Guide to Buy


It’s important your interactive whiteboard helps students achieve learning goals by promoting critical thinking and keeping students engaged in lessons. Here are some features that will be helpful to know when purchasing an interactive whiteboard not only considering about the prices also other features to think about before buying.

Decoding the Mysteries of Interactive Whiteboards

What exactly is an interactive whiteboard ? Interestingly, quite a lot of people don’t know the answer to this question. Many people think that the projector itself is the Interactive Whiteboard.  The projector is a machine in its own right and its job is to display whatever is on the computer screen on to the whiteboard. Most of the time, the interactivity is built into the whiteboard itself.  For example, the IQBoard infrared interactive whiteboard has black and white lamp to send and receive infrared signal to produce interactivity. Some boards have other ways of putting interactivity into the board itself.

Diverse Range of Technologies and Features

To add to the mix, you’ve got the interactivity built inside the projector.  This is becoming very popular now. A full Interactive Whiteboard system has one of these above – and then you need a computer of some sort.  The computer will generally have the software that lets you connect to the board. The projector links the computer to the IWB, displaying whatever is on the computer’s screen. Every Interactive Whiteboard system has these three components and it’s the interactive bit that adds the layer of complexity.

Interactive Whiteboard Prices and Beginner Guide to Buy - IQShare BYOM 13
What is Sound Support Made Use of for? – IQShare BYOM 13

Finger, Pen, or Marker

There are different types of IWBs, over 20 different types of Interactive Whiteboards being sold in this country and all of them have been sold successfully all over the world. Pen-based, infrared boards are usually the cheapest boards on the market. Pen-based, electro-magnetic boards are also usually more expensive than the boards just said.  Touch-based, mesh board are also reasonably priced. This type of board allows the user to interact with their finger as well as a pen. Some of them allow you to use dry wipe markers on them too. Touch based infrared board have all the features of the above type board but just use a different technology. These boards are usually cheap and are increasingly becoming very popular.

Key Considerations for Enhancing Classroom Collaboration

There are many reasons why people choose one of the above options.  While I prefer types 3 and 4. For me, when buying a board I not only need to be able to interact with my board with a “magic” pen, I also want to be able to use my finger.  I also want to be able to write on my board with dry wipe markers.  I cannot understand why anyone would not want these facilities.  However, more than half the boards on the market do not allow the user to do this.  When you buy your board, think about this.

Tips for Making an Informed Purchase Decision

I hope this article has helped unravel some of the mystery around the types of boards out there.   However, whatever board you choose, make sure you take your time.  Try not to listen to salespeak.  Try not to get drawn into buying the same board as the school down the road.  Try not to simply buy the first one you’ve heard of. Ask the sales-people questions.  Ask them about after sales care, ask them about guarantees, ask them about training, then listen carefully to their answers.  Once you’ve had a good look around ,weigh up your options.  What is important to you?

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