April 23, 2023

Creating Collaborative Learning Spaces with Q-NEX NMP:The Future of Divisible Classrooms

Divisible Classroom - Flexible Space Utilization

Creating Collaborative Learning Spaces with Q-NEX NMP:The Future of Divisible Classrooms


Q-NEX NMP is a new technology that allows you to divide your classroom into multiple spaces. Each space can be used for different purposes, such as lectures, group work and presentations. Q-NEX NMP is unique because it allows you to create these collaborative learning spaces without any physical barriers between them.
Q-NEX NMP is the future of divisible classrooms because it creates an environment where students are able to learn in small groups while also having access to resources like computers or whiteboards that would normally be inaccessible due to the size of a traditional classroom setting.

1. Centralized Device Control

Centralized Device Control is a feature that allows you to control all of your devices from one location. This means that if you want to change the volume or turn off an individual device, you can do so at once with a single click.
With Q-NEX NMP’s Centralized Device Control feature, teachers can:

  • Change the settings on all connected devices at once by using their computer or mobile device as a remote control
  • Monitor student activity on each individual device through real-time analytics

2. Divisible Classroom Sharing

Divisible Classroom Sharing is the ability to share a single classroom with multiple students, each with their own device. This allows for more students to be taught in a single space at the same time, which can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Q-NEX NMP enables divisible classroom sharing by providing an intuitive interface that allows teachers and administrators to easily manage all of their devices from one location–from creating new classrooms and enrolling students, to monitoring student progress through real-time analytics reports.
The benefits of Divisible Classroom Sharing include:

  • Increased Efficiency – Less expensive than buying multiple classrooms or renting additional space; no need for extra equipment such as projectors or screens; saves time by allowing teachers who teach different subjects/grades share one room during their prep periods

3. Streamlined Classroom Management

Streamlined classroom management is the practice of creating a learning environment that encourages collaboration, engagement and communication. It’s not just about seating arrangements; it’s about creating an atmosphere where students feel comfortable working together as a team.

Q-NEX NMP enables streamlined classroom management by allowing teachers to easily divide their classrooms into smaller learning spaces. This allows them to create collaborative environments for different types of lessons, such as group discussions or presentations. In addition, you can control the number of people who can be in each space at once so that all students have access when needed but aren’t overcrowded during other times!

4. Collaborative Learning Spaces

Collaborative Learning Spaces are environments that allow students to work together on projects and assignments. In a collaborative learning space, students can share ideas and resources with one another, as well as collaborate on group projects.
Collaborative Learning Spaces are ideal for classrooms where you want to encourage teamwork or group learning activities. Q-NEX NMP enables collaborative learning because it allows teachers to create divisible classrooms that can be used for different purposes throughout the day–from small-group instruction to whole-class lectures or even large-scale presentations from guest speakers!

5. Advanced Control Processor

Q-NEX NMP enables advanced media control, which allows teachers to control the content on the screens and projectors in their classrooms. Teachers can also use this feature to display student work and make it available for others to see. This is especially useful when students are working on group projects or presentations that require multiple screens at once.

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6. Advanced Media Control Benefits

Q-NEX NMP offers a range of benefits for schools and teachers alike. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Allows teachers to easily share content across multiple displays in their classrooms
  • Helps students collaborate more effectively by allowing them access to one another’s work

6.1 Simplified Use of Multimedia Classrooms

With Q-NEX NMP, the daily IoT management of audio-visual equipment simplifies the use of multimedia classrooms, making it easier for teachers to teach.

6.2 Centralized Control System

Q-NEX NMP offers a centralized control system that simplifies the management of audio-visual equipment and allows for easy collaboration between teachers and students.

6.3 Enhanced Learning Experience for Everyone

Q-NEX NMP is the future of divisible classrooms. It is a flexible, modular space that can be used for a variety of purposes, from collaborative learning to audiovisual presentations. The technology behind Q-NEX NMP allows for easy reconfiguration and customization based on your needs.
Q-NEX NMP benefits include:

  • Increased collaboration between students and teachers
  • Improved student engagement in the classroom environment

If you’re interested in learning more about the Q-NEX AV solution and how it can help you create collaborative learning spaces in your classroom, click here to visit our website. Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need to get started.

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