March 7, 2023

IQBoard AIO Series Prices Affordable Interactive Whiteboard


IQBoard AIO Series Prices Affordable Interactive Whiteboard


IQBoard has recently launched a new entry level interactive whiteboard called the IQBoard Aio Series, to help address tightening budgets in the education sector. Although it provides a sound solution for schools, it’s important schools consider the details before making this vital decision.


High IntegrationDesign

One of the key benefits of IQAio Series over the old interactive whiteboards is their high integration design. IQAio Series is highly integrated with IWB, built-in OPS, central control system, audio amplifier system, speaker, wireless mic, etc.. That is to say, one key powered on the IQAio, all the devices including projector, PC, IWB, audio amplifier, speaker and so on will also be powered on.

The IQBoard IQAio Series uses infra-red touch technology, originally pioneered in the industry. The more entry-level interactive whiteboard still tend to use this lower-performance technology due it being lower cost. For many reasons though, infra-red technology has been superseded several times.

The IQAio Series uses the more advanced, accurate infrared technology. And its available sizes are multiple, it even supports 150’’ big screen for big classrooms use. The IQAio 150’’ supports dual board interaction which could greatly improve the activeness between teachers and students in class.


Cost-Effective – when saying the whole devices prices in the classroom

In the traditional classroom, you need to pay for interactive whiteboard, the PC, the speaker, the audio amplifier, the document camera etc. Now for our IQAio series, that you pay for IQAio device means that you have paid the interactive whiteboard, the pc, the speaker, the audio amplifier etc respectively. So, it is a cost-effective solution for schools to purchase devices for the classrooms.


Inclusion of the powerful IQ Interactive Education Platform Software

The great news is the IQAio series includes powerful software. Supported and developed by a global team of education specialists, the latest IQ Learning educational software brings a wealth of tools, options and experiences to the classroom. Click here for more information, including 5 Reasons why schools benefit from using it.


In summary…

When making decisions on the procurement of your school’s most important teaching tool, it’s vital the choice is made with teaching and learning outcomes at the front of mind. This is after all what we’re all here for! Making cost efficiencies is of course often necessary, but these must be carefully considered in the framework of teaching and learning.


Please feel free to contact us for more information. Schools are always welcome to our Customer Experience Centre, where you’re able to experience the IQAio Series yourself.