March 6, 2023

Creating Innovative Value to Redefine Campus

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Creating Innovative Value to Redefine Campus


​In modern society, campus is expected to confront by the challenges of time and resource allocation, effective use of campus space, and reduction of operating costs. Besides, the usage data also need to be controlled in a oriented way to optimize process, which provides students and faculty a more comfortable and smart campus life.

The competitive campus of tomorrow is digital, smart, and flexible. Keeping pace with the development, Q-NEX is providing a fully integrated solution for smart campus. Q-NEX’s products (mainly including NMP and MBX), solutions, and services make it easy to control and manage the complete energy, space and security as basic automated infrastructure throughout the entire campus. According to different applications on the campus, Q-NEX offers 4 main solutions: Smart ClassroomLecture Capture ClassroomLecture HallCampus Wide AV Distribution, which creates a more caring environment for centrally controlling the ever-changing conditions and requirements, and provides instant support to users. With its smart infrastructure on campus, breeding ground for innovative teaching, learning and scientific research enhances brainstorm and creativity.

The smart campus built by Q-NEX solution is attractive to students and faculty. It sets new standards of campus experience in terms of intelligence, adaptability, efficiency, security and sustainability, which endues education a cross-age meaning and redefines the “campus”. If you have interest in Q-NEX solution, please visit the website: