March 6, 2023

Digital Transformation of Education

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Digital Transformation of Education


​What is digital transformation (DX)? 

Through cloud technology and big data, digital transformation has completely reformed organizational processes. The ultimate goal of digital transformation is to improve user services and simplify operating processes so as to provide a smart environment.

And how has it changed education?

Digital technology is an important driving force for leading a new technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is deeply changing people’s production mode, life, and learning ways, which is pushing the world into a big data era of human-machine collaboration and information sharing. At the same time, countries around the world have also realized that education will become a powerful part of rebuilding the digital world. Cultivating talents who adapt to the development of technology and society in the digital age becomes the new mission of education. 

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What changes does it bring to education?

In the era of network information, the traditional teaching mode is gradually being eliminated, and it is no longer applicable to us for closed-off and authoritative control management. Nowadays, education takes advantage of the Internet to achieve openness and transparency in teaching and practice, which provides instant feedback on the evaluation of students, teachers, and parents by closely connecting communities and making optimizations in time. The digital education reform adopts differentiated and diversified practical explorations. Q-NEX is also keeping up the pace with digital reform. It builds digital classroom system, and provides diversified learning methods such as live streaming for remote learning, and recorded lecture video for playback so that students with poor absorption of knowledge can reach the desired learning effect through repeatedly watching the video to learn. It enhances students’ ability to learn independently and allows students to truly master their own learning.

Reform is an exploratory and innovative activity that requires multiple incentives such as policies, resources, honors, etc., combined with the actual situation to form a new model of diversified digital education. The solutions for diversified digital education in

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