March 1, 2023

Broadcast LIVE and Recording Lesson for Q-NEX Solution

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Broadcast LIVE and Recording Lesson for Q-NEX Solution


The benefits of QNEX video station

This solution has two key features: broadcast LIVE and recording lessons.

Broadcast live function

With just one click, teachers can record lessons and broadcast LIVE via the video station. The teacher can download the lesson to their USB flash drive or upload it to the school’s FTP server via its platform. Students can download and study at home after recording. You can broadcast live on YouTube by clicking on the LIVE button. An encrypted broadcast room can also be created to protect security and allow only authorized users to access the LIVE stream.

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Split screen mode

Split screen mode allows teachers to select which screen to display. This can be set from split mode 1 through split mode 6. There are 4 screens total from two auto-tracking cameras, plus one HDMI input signal. Teachers can choose how many screens they want to display by choosing between 5 screens.

Matrix switch

Q-NEX can switch between input signals via the control panel to change the fifth screen (HDMI output signal). If you want to display the visualizer’s screen on the fifth screen, for example, there are two HDMI input signal options. These signals can be the teacher’s laptop or visualizer. 

QNEX online teaching solution for recording lessons

An online teaching solution is a lecture capture system that includes an 11.6-inch video station, two auto-tracking cameras, and a ceiling microphone. It can be used with Q-NEX which has an NMP, a control panel of 7 inches, and a 2.4GHz+UHF microphone.

This will allow them to create Q-NEX Online teaching solution. They can realize centralized device control, lecture recording, live streaming, networked AV broadcasting, lecture recording, and more. Transform your traditional classroom into an online learning environment.

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