March 1, 2023

Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution

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Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution


Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution can transform the traditional classroom into a smart classroom that changes the lives of teachers.

Traditional classrooms require teachers to locate remotes to turn on the projector, TV, and projection screens one by one. Sometimes remoters are out of charge so they need to replace them. It is also difficult for teachers to switch between the signals from the laptop and the visualizer when they are using a visualizer to display sample images. 

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Q-NEX allows all devices in a classroom to be controlled centrally using a control panel of 7 inches and a QNEX App. It is crucial that teachers focus on teaching and not on controlling devices. IT administrators can also set up scheduled tasks in Q-NEX Console that will automatically power on all devices in their classrooms. A scheduled task, for example, can be set to turn on all classroom devices at 7:55. This means that teachers don’t have to worry about whether or not the devices are on, since they’re ready to go before classes begin. Also, power off devices at school to conserve energy in the event that someone forgets to turn them off. 

Many students and teachers are unable or unwilling to return to school due to COVID-19. This is why an online learning solution has been released. It includes an 11.6-inch video station, two auto-tracking cameras (one for student and one for teacher), a panoramic view and close-up views to capture or track teacher and student movements, and a ceiling microphone that can pick up voices from students and teachers.

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