August 21, 2023

How Integrating Digital Podiums with LMS Improves Teaching

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How Integrating Digital Podiums with LMS Improves Teaching


In today’s education landscape, learning management systems (LMS) have revolutionized the way courses are planned, delivered, and managed. Through the use of digital technology, LMS platforms provide an online space for students and educators to share educational materials, communicate, and collaborate. As a result, it has become essential for educational institutions to leverage technology to ensure a seamless and unified learning experience for all their students. One solution that has become increasingly popular is the integration of digital podiums with LMS platforms.

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Integration of digital podiums with LMS platforms

Digital podiums, for example NDP100 from Q-NEX, allow educators to easily converge multiple multimedia devices for simplified and seamless control at one stop. With the integration of LMS, the instructor can access multimedia files stored in the LMS platform and easily display the content on the digital podiums. This ensures that all the device control is near at hand, allowing the instructor to manage multiple multimedia devices and LMS tools effortlessly and without distraction.

Integration of digital podiums with LMS platforms allows the instructor to create a perfect fusion of various materials. The instructor can easily access relevant multimedia files stored on LMS and demonstrate them to students in real-time through the digital podiums. By presenting related material such as videos, images, charts, worksheets, and quizzes through the digital podium, instructors can further captures the student’s attention and their interests. This can result in better learning outcomes, higher engagement, and more enjoyable lessons

The integration of digital podiums with LMS platforms can also assist educational institutions to address and solve the challenge of creating a customized learning experience for each student. Instead of being restricted to one size fits all resources, instructors can choose media content that is specific to the needs and learning styles of different students from the LMS platform. Instructors can easily choose which multimedia materials, lecture videos, or notes to present to enhance the learning experience of each student. Furthermore, attaching supplementary material or providing additional readings, relevant articles, and links that complement the theoretical content discussed in the lesson, can encourage students to access the course and glean more information at their own pace.

The use of digital podiums integrated with LMS platforms can also allow greater collaboration and communication between students, engaging the entire class community. Digital podiums display student work, comments, and learning activities and bridge the gap between online and offline education experience. Now, educators can also monitor who is behind or which students are catching up, making it easier to provide assistance and personalized support to the students who need it.

In conclusion, the integration of digital podiums with LMS platforms provides a unified solution for educational institutions looking to offer the latest and most engaging educational experience to their students. By integrating LMS with digital podiums, educators can easily access multimedia files stored on the LMS platform, converge multiple multimedia devices, and create a customized learning experience for students. The combination of digital podiums and LMS is an essential investment for any educational institution seeking to provide an engaging and fulfilling learning experience for their students.

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