August 15, 2023

Digital Podium – The Ultimate Solution for All-in-one Teaching

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Digital Podium – The Ultimate Solution for All-in-one Teaching


Digital podium, as an innovative intelligent teaching equipment, provides excellent solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, board rooms, training rooms, command centers and seminar halls. It revolutionized the way audiences engage by introducing interactive experiences and seamless sharing of ideas. This Networked, integrated system usually includes lecterns, displays, networked media processors, document cameras, and microphones to meet the diverse needs of speakers during the lecture process. It is worth mentioning that the user-friendly touch panel enables people to easily control connected devices with one touch. Portable digital podium’s integrated design and universal audio, video and control ports here enable seamless management from a touch panel installed from the desktop. At the same time, through web-based application control and networked audio and video broadcasting, live broadcasting, and automated task management, the electronic lectern has created an intelligent, convenient and hassle-free teaching environment for various organizations, which has had a substantial positive impact. 

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Digital podium is an unrivalled interactive presentation and presentation platform that allows lecturers to capture the attention of students or participants in a fluid and lively manner, and to share ideas seamlessly. Whether it’s meetings, lectures, seminars or any other kind of event, the digital podium can meet every need. Portable digital podium provides the ultimate all-in-one solution to increase audience engagement through rich lecture content, while enabling a seamless experience through applications and web-based remote control and management.

Led by smart podium, the teaching environment, such as classrooms and meeting rooms, is undergoing an intelligent revolution, taking full advantage of its powerful integration and web-based remote control and management. This digital interactive smart lectern enables seamless one-click control and operation during lectures through integration with indoor multimedia devices and devices, allowing lecturers to better interact with students and share audio and video content on a smooth screen. It is worth mentioning that smart podium often has an integrated design and universal audio and video and control ports, so that its integrated equipment can be remotely controlled through the network to achieve audio and video broadcast, live broadcast, automated tasks and other functions, which are realized through applications or network-based control and management. Electronic podium not only provides customizable device integration, but also creates a truly intelligent and hassle-free teaching environment for all types of organizations.

1. Features and advantages: Innovative technology leads to a diversified presentation experience

The features and benefits of a digital podium go far beyond the integrated design, it represents the flourishing of innovative technology in teaching and presentation, resulting in an amazing diversity of experiences for lecturers and participants.

1.1 One-click control, seamless management

The portable digital podium’s user-friendly touch panel consolidates the control of multiple multimedia devices in a single interface for one-click operation. Instructors can easily switch between projectors, IQTouch interactive displays, document cameras and more for a seamless multimedia presentation. This feature not only saves time, but also improves the flow and efficiency of the presentation.

1.2 Rich audio and video content display

Digital podium supports audio and video matrix switching and touch following, seamlessly presenting rich audio and video resources on the big screen. The lecturer can make comments and explanations in real time, so as to better attract the attention of the audience and stimulate the enthusiasm of learning. This real-time interaction not only enriches the presentation but also increases the audience’s sense of engagement.

1.3 Campus connection is strengthened and information transfer is more convenient

Portable digital podium reliably and automatically plays campus-wide audio and video broadcasts and live broadcasts for school announcements, important announcements, lectures and special events. This timely transmission of information keeps lecturers and students in contact with the entire campus and improves the efficiency of communication within the campus.

1.4 Flexible device integration, worry-free upgrade and expansion

The digital platform supports the flexible integration of various multimedia devices, which provides the lecturer with the convenience of upgrading and expanding the hardware equipment. As technology advances, lecturers can integrate new equipment into the podium at any time, keeping the presentation environment advanced and adaptable.

1.5 Global knowledge sharing, convenient remote broadcast

Smart podium supports easy live streaming, with a lecture capture system that allows the presenter to easily stream from classroom to classroom throughout the campus. This not only maximizes the use of teaching resources, improves teaching efficiency, but also promotes the sharing of educational resources and promotes the fairness and popularization of education.

1.6 Automatic scheduling, energy saving, and environmental protection

Smart podium’s automatic scheduling function allows the equipment to automatically switch on and off at a predetermined time, thus achieving energy saving and environmental protection. The lecturer can set the switching time of the equipment according to the course arrangement and demand, without manual operation, easy to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

The characteristics and advantages of a smart podium are not only reflected in its advanced integrated design, but also in providing a rich interactive experience and convenient management for the lecturer and participants. Whether it’s optimizing presentations, increasing engagement, or enabling the delivery of information on and off campus, digital lecterns will continue to lead innovation in teaching and presentation.

2. The future of portable digital podium: smarter, more efficient collaboration

With the continuous progress of technology, the portable digital podium is moving in the direction of becoming smarter and more efficient, gradually realizing the following trends:

2.1 Cross-platform collaboration

The future of digital podium will focus more on cross-platform collaboration integration. In order to ensure the efficient conduct of the meeting and the seamless cooperation between the participants, and improve the efficiency of decision-making, whether digital podium can provide users with more diversified device connection has become a hot topic of attention. For example, whether real-time document sharing can be carried out through the cloud platform, and whether the function of projection between different devices can be realized.

2.2 Application of artificial intelligence functions

Future smart podium will likely have artificial intelligence capabilities, including more powerful intelligent voice and image recognition. For example, the voice recognition function can be used to record and convert the meeting content into text in real time, improving the efficiency of the meeting and better analyzing the meeting results. Or use image recognition function to recognize participants’ expressions and actions and feedback meeting participants’ emotions and reactions to decisions.


Digital podium from Q-NEX offers a smart and highly automated multimedia environment. It allows instructor or presenters to better engage and interact with audiences or participants with the seamless presentation of AV content through convenient one-touch control, igniting their passion for creativity and innovation. With its integration of AI, cross-platform collaboration, the future holds even more efficient and engaging possibilities.

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