March 1, 2023

What Options does Q-NEX Provide?

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What Options does Q-NEX Provide?


For Q-NEX, we offer 4 remedies to deal with the various situations. 

Solution 1: Smart class solution

The first one is the smart class option. It upgrades your typical classroom to a smart classroom. All the class devices could not just be centrally handled by the IT admin, likewise easily run by instructors. They can from another location manage the devices via the online platform Q-NEX Console from anywhere with a Web accessibility or QNEX application. This addresses that technical managers have to come to each class and also power on and off the gadgets before as well as after class. And also it stays clear of the loss of power. 

Solution 2: Lecture capture solution

Let’s discuss the option of a lecture capture system initially. Together with severe pandemic circumstances dispersing, remote knowing became the major fad. Recording training courses are asked for colleges to allow students to study in the house. Simply utilize video clips and program systems to tape-record courses, and after that press them to various other classes with Q-NEX NMP, or to third-party platforms, as well as children in the house or other classrooms can take part in the program.

APP Console - Q NEX APP 4 scaled

Solution 3: Lecture hall solution

In regards to the lecture hall remedy, It is anticipated to match with various other products, such as a podium, etc., upgrade the normal system to an electronic system, and also have a great budget plan. There are normally numerous tools on the lectern. If one NMP can incorporate a lot of features, gadgets on the lectern will certainly be much easier to handle, and it would be simpler for multiple screen tools in our lecture hall to change. You additionally can set up numerous screens to present the same material or different web content.

Solution 4: Campus’s large AV circulation

Relative to the campus’s large AV circulation, it focuses on the areas outside the average class, such as a library, passage, canteen, etc., which can make full use of their display screen tools to make full insurance coverage of school broadcasting. The food selection can be presented in the canteen for students watching as well as the suggested books shown on the screen in the library. 

Q-NEX can be used in every location in the college, and also accomplish whole-school management here.

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