March 2, 2023

What is Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution 

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What is Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution 



Designed for meeting rooms, this solution utilizes Q-NEX Networked Media Processor(NMP) and a professional audio and video system to realize unified device control and management in the meeting room.

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With a built-in HDMI extender, Q-NEX NMP can extend HDMI over IP up to 200 meters (656 feet). The Q-NEX NMP can be used as a key component of meeting room infrastructure. It provides unified control over all connected devices, including video sources (e.g., Blu-ray players), displays, audio systems, and other control points such as projectors or screens.

Q-NEX NMP supports various protocols including RS232/RS485/232/422/485, USB 2.0 HID, TCP/IP, UDP/TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, and more. It also features a multi-channel audio output that supports up to 16 channels of digital audio via an HDMI output port or S/PDIF optical digital audio output port.


By connecting PTZ cameras to present real-time tracking of speakers, and support to connect up to 83 wireless gooseneck mics within signal coverage, allowing simultaneous speech for up to 4 persons, remote video meetings can be easily started.

The system supports a smart control platform for intelligent camera deployment and management. It also supports remote monitoring, and audio and video recording.


Let’s face it: you’re busy. You’ve got a lot on your plate and not enough time to handle it all. And the last thing you want to do is spend your precious few moments of downtime looking for a remote control.

That’s where Q-NEX comes in. We’ve developed a stylish and versatile Touch Panel with a graphical user interface that empowers the meeting room central control with powering on and off the audio and video device, HDMI image switch, volume adjustment, and loT device control for light, A/C, e-curtain, etc.

So now you can get back to what matters most—running your business!


With our wireless screen-sharing solution, you can present contents from your laptop or mobile device wirelessly to the office display, stimulating brainstorming and team discussion.

Simply bring your own device to the meeting and share ideas with the rest of the team.

The Smart Conference Room Solution is a smart room that can be used for meetings, presentations, and training. It can help companies save money and improve efficiency by integrating different functions and devices into one system.


The solution is designed to provide scheduled tasks for efficient management. Scheduled tasks can be set to power on and off the devices including lights, air conditioners, curtains, displays, etc. Before a meeting starts, the system automatically gets all devices in the room ready for use by the scheduled time.


The IQTouch conference room display is an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use, feature-rich, and writing-smooth. If you’re looking for a solution that meets your event needs for a conference room, then look no further than IQTouch.

The mobile board houses a computer, TV, whiteboard, and document camera all in one unit. The device allows for seamless sharing of content between meeting participants at the touch of a button.

The built-in projector allows you to project clear images onto any surface and is ideal for presentations or video conferencing.


The Q-NEX NMP smart conference room solution is a dual-screen display switch that can connect two displays to a single computer. This means you can have the same content on both screens, or you can show different content on each one.

This is especially useful in a meeting room setting, where one screen could be used for presentations and other information, while the other one is used for video conferencing. You can even have both screens running different applications at the same time, giving your team an efficient and collaborative experience!

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