March 1, 2023

What is Cloud-Based Control System?

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What is Cloud-Based Control System?


Cloud-based AV control platform is a procedure consisting of computing, network, storage space, as well as other sources as fundamental components to choose and predefine according to system demands. In addition to virtualization, software program meaning, as well as dispersed style, it understands modularized smooth scale-out as well as develops a setting driven completely by software application through multiple sets of networked standard equipment which is based upon existing hardware components. Offering the most practical hybrid cloud implementation remedy through the cloud management and control platform.

What features should a cloud control and management platform have?

What is Cloud-Based Control System? - image 7
What is Cloud-Based Control System? – image 7

Our Q-NEX Console is a cloud-based control system, that provides centralized administration, visibility, as well as control on the campus without the high cost as well as complexity of traditional physical control systems. Q-NEX Console can accomplish remote device control, scheduled checklist settings for automation operation, campus program, cloud storage space, and live streaming.

In the Q-NEX Smart Campus service, IT administration can no longer be limited by time and area, as long as there is Net access, all the university gadgets can be under control with a click. 

  • Combination with existing IT systems 
  • Automate tasks
  • Data visualization 
  • Can be accessed via the Web 
  • Support for crossbreed cloud and multi-cloud settings 
  • Control and take care of whatever 

Let’s check the difference between the cloud control system and also physical control system. 

Cloud control system:

1. You do not need a neighborhood server, all your data is continued on a safe and secure remote server, thereby getting rid of upkeep as well as training prices.
2. Free wireless protection as well as feature updates. 
3. Automate jobs without hand-operated operation. 
4. Support technological support from a committed IT team.

Physical control system:

1. Costly covert expenses, such as labor expenses of everyday maintenance or extra expenses for software program updates and also training. 
2. Remote monitoring systems are more intricate and pricey.
3. The traditional physical system is commonly as well intricate to be quickly delegated to various other staff members.

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