March 6, 2023

Cloud Based Classroom Management System Helps Teacher Release Burden


Cloud Based Classroom Management System Helps Teacher Release Burden


​In Chinese tradition, a teacher is always a symbol of patience, affable and noble.

In modern society, we still see highly teachers for their devotion to students. Anyone would have a teacher in his life that impresses him most.

As we know the hardships of the teacher, we would like to do something to help release the teachers’ burden. With our classroom management system, teachers can easily operate classroom devices.

What can Q-NEX solution do?

Q-NEX is a cloud-based convergent solution that involves device control, access control, AV matrix switch, scheduled tasks, broadcast, and live streaming.

All these features can be achieved due to one NMP(networked media processor), one touch panel, and one wireless mic.

Instead of multiple devices, one NMP can be mounted behind the display device(like an interactive whiteboard or an interactive flat panel), one touch panel for the teacher to operate without knowing the details of devices or cables, one wireless mic for teachers voice to cover classroom easily.

Knowing how to operate multiple devices in one NMP(instead of multiple devices put together) surely decreases the cost of learning for teachers, besides, as NMP’s name indicates, N is for networked, which we can operate devices whenever or wherever we can connect to the Internet. Teachers won’t worry whether they forget to turn off the power or not. Furthermore, teachers can also set scheduled tasks to turn off devices.

When it’s a rainy day, or there’s not enough room in an auditorium, teachers no worry to assemble students, an announcement can be broadcast to selected classroom display devices and students can hear and see more clearly.

We hope that teachers can get help from more and more devices in the classroom instead of sparing much time learning how to operate them, we hope that teachers won’t bother when assembling students under rainy days, we hope that teachers won’t suffer sore throat anymore, we hope that teachers will get released from repetitive works like checking whether classroom devices are turned off classroom by classroom, we hope that teachers can enjoy and optimize every minute in the class.

We hope that teachers may use Q-NEX solution as early as possible, thus problems won’t be problems anymore.