March 6, 2023

Alibaba Live Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution

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Alibaba Live Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution


How does Q-NEX transform the traditional classroom into a smart classroom and changes teacher’s life?

In a traditional classroom, the teacher needs to find a remoter to turn on devices, such as a projector, projection screen, and TV one by one before class, sometimes remoter is out of charge and has to find new batteries. Moreover, when using a visualizer to do a sample display, it is not convenient for the teacher to switch the different signals between the laptop and the visualizer.

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The composition of Q-NEX teaching technology

However, with the help of Q-NEX, all classroom devices, such as projector, projection screen, IFP, TV, air-conditioner, and even the light, can be centralized and controlled by a 7-inch control panel and a Q-NEX App. As a teacher, it is important to focus more on teaching instead of spending much time on learning how to control devices. What’s more, IT administrators can set scheduled tasks on the Q-NEX Console to power on all classroom devices automatically. For example, a scheduled task can be set to power on every classroom’s devices at 7:55, the teacher doesn’t need to be concerned about whether the device is powered on or not because all devices are ready before class begins. And same is powering off devices after school, to save energy in case somebody forgets to turn off the device.

Development background and situation

Due to the covid-19, many teachers and students are unable to come back to school as usual, which is why an online teaching solution has been released. The solution includes an 11.6-inch video station, two auto-tracking cameras (one for students and another for teacher), each camera has a panorama view and close-up view to catch or track the teacher and student’s movement, and a ceiling microphone to pick up voice from teacher and students.

How to use the recording system

To record lessons and broadcast LIVE are two key features of this solution.

One-click recording

Based on simple principles, teachers can record lessons and broadcast LIVE by the video station with one simple click. For the lesson recorded (the video station has built-in 1T storage), teachers can easily download it to their USB flash disk, or upload to the school’s FTP server through its platform for students to download and study at home. For live streaming, teachers can broadcast LIVE on online platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, by clicking the LIVE button on the video station. Considering security, an encrypted broadcast room can be set up before the LIVE so that only those who know the password can study online.

Alibaba Live Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution - 41
Alibaba Live Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution – 41

Multi-task split screen

The video station has split screen mode for the teacher to choose which screen will be displayed, split mode 1 to split mode 6. Two auto-tracking cameras have total of 4 screens, plus an HDMI input signal, 5 screens total for the teacher to choose how many screens will display. If Q-NEX works with the lecture capture system, the fifth screen (HDMI input signal) can be easily switched to another input signal by the control panel. For example, there are two HDMI input signals, which is a teacher’s laptop and a visualizer, press the HDMI button to switch to a visualizer when the teacher wants to show the visualizer’s screen on the fifth screen.

Online teaching

The online teaching solution, which is a lecture capture system, includes an 11.6-inch video station, two auto-tracking cameras and a ceiling microphone. If it works with Q-NEX, which includes an NMP, a 7-inch control panel, and a 2.4GHz+UHF wireless mic, both of them become Q-NEX Online Teaching Solution to realize centralized device control, networked AV broadcasting, lecture recording, live streaming, etc. and transform the traditional classroom into a smart online teaching classroom. 

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