March 1, 2023

Find Out about Clever University Option Technically

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Find Out about Clever University Option Technically


The smart university service is technically based upon advanced methods such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, video cloud, and AI. The overall option of Q-NEX wise school solution is based upon electronic info as well as network, which assists K12 or college boost administration performance as well as mentor quality, and also optimize the school environment from several applications on the university, such as clever class, taping class, lecture halls, corridors, canteens, collections, and so on. Smart mentor solutions are based upon a smart training atmosphere to produce a customized and efficient mentor mode. 

What Can Q-NEX Do? - task schdule
What Can Q-NEX Do? – task schdule

Q-NEX solution offers solutions such as wise class, distance teaching, online understanding, abundant resource accessibility, system automation, as well as real-time feedback, which assists colleges to perform remote interactive mentor under the worldwide epidemic circumstance. It normalizes teaching within the educational program, shares high-grade sources, promotes education justness, and boosts mentor high quality. Q-NEX can not only recognize remote mentors which equals the pattern but also an essential feature is main tool control. 

Each system in the classroom is centrally linked to the Networked Media Processor-NMP(The main item of Q-NEX), and the devices in the classroom can be taken care of from another location and also evenly via the web-based platform of the Q-NEX console and app. Integrating high-reliability, high-performance cloud facilities, huge information, as well as other solutions, Q-NEX service integrates clever work, research study, and life into a setting for the universities.

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