November 2, 2023

Unleashing Optimal Engagement for Teachers with Q-NEX Classroom Automation 

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Unleashing Optimal Engagement for Teachers with Q-NEX Classroom Automation 


Flow is an excellent state of mind. When teachers are fully engaged in the teaching process and experience a combination of pleasure and satisfaction, they enter a state of concentration where time seems to pass quickly. In the theory of t psychology, low theory shows that flow is not a state of conscious spontaneity. It can be said that we can use professional technology solutions to create a positive environment suitable for teaching, thus enabling teachers to better enter the state of flow in teaching. Q-NEX solution has provided scientific and technical support to many areas of education. In this article, we will show you how to use Q-NEX solutions to assist teachers in staying in flow during the teaching process.

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1. Unlocking the significance of Q-NEX solution in education

These are four compelling reasons to choose the Q-NEX solution in education.

1.1 Highly-integrated device

Q-NEX terminal units are all-in-one devices integrated with versatile functional modules, specially designed to meet all kinds of application scenarios in classroom and meeting room automation control environments.

1.2 Powerful functions

Q-NEX AV distributed control system can realize device centralized control through the Internet, campus-wide live streaming, audio and video broadcasting, scheduled task management, and other functions. This satisfies the teacher to be able to put into teaching in different occasions.

1.3 Networked remote control

Q-NEX terminal units can be operated flexibly by a local classroom control panel, web-based Console, or mobile APP. This endows teachers with great autonomy and enhances the state of flow in teaching.

1.4 Simplified deployment

Q-NEX smart solution can be implemented under the school’s existing network infrastructure. Q-NEX terminal units are easy to be installed, and can be configured without programming. This reduces distractions for teachers and allows them to focus on teaching.

2. The definition of the flow experience

The term flow was coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1975. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi observes that some artists are so immersed in their creations that they ignore or are not influenced by the need for food, water, or sleep. Csikszentmihalyi goes so far as to say that flow provides an “Optimal experience” that leads to a higher level of satisfaction regardless of the nature of the task.

Although the original flow study was based on artists, flow states can occur in many settings, including sports, the workplace, and even during evening runs. In the teaching process, when a teacher has a clear teaching objective, and teaching activities some challenges can be overcome and difficulties can be resolved. This teaching activity can give teachers positive feedback, so that teachers enjoy it, then, the composition of these factors together, flow can happen.

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3. The benefits of the flow experience

Flow, therefore, is considered part of positive psychology, a very beneficial state of mind that can have a positive impact on the entire state of human existence.

Flow has several advantages, not only that it gives the feeling of effortless completion. It allows people to immerse themselves in the execution with a high degree of concentration. So much so that they forget the existence of time in the process of completing the task. Flow also gives the performer a strong sense of control over the task. Make the performers feel that the task itself is positive feedback.

4. Facilitating flow for teachers with Q-NEX solutions

Powerful Q-NEX solution is a great educational tool to help teachers stay in a state of flow.

First, a friendly user interface can help teachers get into flow. Secondly, the high level of interaction between teachers and students is also an important factor that can help teachers enter the state of flow. Moreover, when teachers with the reduction of cumbersome non-teaching-related tasks, it also helps them in the teaching and education process in a flow state.

4.1 Offering user-friendly interfaces

The interface design of Q-NEX Touch Screen CPL10 is concise, with a simple and intuitive UI design.

To provide teachers with intuitive navigation and operation, and reduce redundancy and complexity. Scientific and reasonable layout and typesetting of Q-NEX Touch Panel CPL10 enable teachers in the performance and sharing can easily understand the use of a variety of functions and freely switch modes.

4.2 Facilitating effective communication and collaboration

The vision for the Q-NEX collaborative learning solution is to bridge the communication gaps by implementing seamless two-way screen-sharing controls between teachers and students. Enable teachers to deliver dynamic lessons in the flip classroom, greatly enhancing student interaction. Students also are encouraged to actively participate in class discussions and achieve fruitful results.

In addition, the teacher can utilize the function of AV switching on the IQTouch interface, which provides two screens to share the same screen, providing a wider view for the audience. A dual-screen presentation can also be two different content screens, one for visualizing images and one for displaying courseware on a teacher’s PC. It is beneficial to stimulate students’ curiosity and curiosity through visual learning materials, and establish an open, supportive, and respectful classroom environment.

4.3 Streamlining schedule tasks

The objective of Q-NEX smart classroom is to bring a classroom automation system for teachers to stay in flow. It helps them realize more efficient device management while saving time and energy. By upgrading your traditional classroom to a smart one with Q-NEX classroom automation solution, all the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the teachers. By reducing the number of non-teaching-related tasks, teachers can have more time and energy to focus on the teaching process, more easily enter the flow state, and provide better teaching experiences and learning outcomes.

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5. Case studies of Global Indian International School (Singapore SMART Campus)

Global Indian International School (Singapore SMART Campus) is an international vision, open and inclusive school. GIIS offers Indian and international courses to academic students from all over the world. Regardless of their cultural background and identity. In the face of Singapore’s highly competitive education environment, GIIS has many problems that require a digital transformation. Faculty and IT administrators also want to have a digital workplace. I reduce the inefficiencies of being overwhelmed by complex devices, and do meaningful things to enhance education.

Q-NEX deploys NMP (Networked Media Processor) in every classroom on the GIIS campus, connecting all the equipment in each classroom to NMP, and you only need to control and manage from one entry–Q-NEX Console, a web-based platform for device centrally control and AV distribution. So that the control can be done locally by the teacher in the classroom, or remotely by the IT admin in his office. Through smart solutions, Q-NEX brings the power of educational technology into full play to keep the daily management in order and bring the teachers into a state of continuous flow in the teaching process. Improve teaching outcomes for GIIS and its reputation in international schools.

We have also introduced this case in detail in previous articles. If you want to learn from the success of the case, please click here to read.

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I have to admit, flow state is a very wonderful life experience. Students need flow in their study, and teachers’ teaching activities can not be separated from flow. If you are also looking to improve your flow experience with Q-NEX solution. You can contact us here.

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