March 6, 2023

Top 4 Benefits of Centralized Remote Control over the Campus

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Top 4 Benefits of Centralized Remote Control over the Campus


Remote centralized control of devices improves the working way, resource allocation, personnel management, and device maintenance in a school. The main four benefits are as follows:

Top 4 Benefits of Centralized Remote Control over the Campus - IQShare BYOM 16 1
Top 4 Benefits of Centralized Remote Control over the Campus – IQShare BYOM 16 1

Cost Reduction

Centralized control on one unified platform decreases labor costs. Set a scheduled task to automatically power on/off the devices in the classroom before and after class, which ensures no extra energy waste. For device failures you found, send the repair report to the platform so that the IT admin can access the repair in time. That avoids the scrapping of faulty devices and prolongs the usage period. From many aspects, remote central control can reduce the cost of the school to a large extent in the long run.

IoT based on the devices of the campus 

Building the network over the campus, remote device control can be realized by connecting to our Q-NEX IoT centralized control box. Connect multiple classroom devices such as displays, lights, air conditioners, speakers, etc. to a Q-NEX Networked Media Processor(NMP), which enables remote turning on and off these devices through the network.

Breakout distance and venue limitations

Facilitating remote collaboration which is no longer limited by distance and location. IT Admins and faculty can centrally manage and control devices with effortless operation anytime and anywhere according to the needs of different application scenarios.

The flexibility of resource allocation

The resources including messages, audio, and video on a platform can be distributed through the LAN regularly like class ringtones, live speeches, and real-time notice according to the emergency situations. It gives you the power to allocate resources more efficiently without restrictions.

Q-NEX is dedicated to building a smart campus with centralized device control. Our Networked Media Processor (NMP) can not only realize device control, and networked AV distribution auto-executing scheduled task and repair reports mentioned above but also support audio and video matrix switching, cloud storage, access control, live streaming, and so on. Through web-based Q-NEX platform Console or Q-NEX App software, it is easy to centrally control the devices throughout the campus in real-time or in the schedule.

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