March 6, 2023

AV over IP Breaks the Distance Limitation

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AV over IP Breaks the Distance Limitation


In terms of traditional AV, one of the notable limitations is the distance between boxes. All hard-wired digital transmissions have certain limitations in distance. For short distances like in small classrooms or huddle rooms, wiring costs are relatively low. As the distance extends, the cost of the cable goes up. Installation and expansion costs become higher when wires are run in facilities over hundreds of meters.

AV over IP Breaks the Distance Limitation - t4

AV over IP can be easily carried over copper (Category) cable and fiber optics that data and signal transmission using optical fiber as a medium which transmission distance can reach dozens of kilometers. The cable has a maximum of 100 meters. It can switch and repeat in series. Taking advantage of packet-based switching technology, the Netflix or YouTube video you watch at home is achieved by transmitting it over long distances.

Our Q-NEX Lecture Capture Classroom Solution can also live streaming on YouTube by disseminating long-distance exact packet-based switching technology, so as to adapt to the hybrid learning solution adopted by most schools in the epidemic environment. The audio and video broadcasting supported by Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution also uses AV over IP to break the limitation of the number of sources and destinations as well as the distance. Only centralized control AV distribution by the unified cloud-based platform Q-NEX Console throughout the campus, significantly increasing flexibility and freeing the hands of school IT administrators. AV over IP keeps all performance elements, so the capabilities from traditional AV to AV over IP are not compromised.

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