March 6, 2023

The Growing Use of IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards in Schools

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The Growing Use of IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards in Schools


Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) have been heralded by many as a valuable teaching tool offering innumerable opportunities for increasing student engagement and learning. Although research clearly shows IWBs have the potential to transform the way in which teachers teach, this potential is not realized simply by their installation into a classroom setting.

 How Whiteboard Technology Transforms Teaching and Learning

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An interactive Whiteboard, also known as an electronic whiteboard, is a classroom tool that allows images from a computer screen to be displayed onto a classroom board using a digital projector. The teacher or a student can “interact” with the images directly on the screen using a tool or even a finger.

Accessing a World of Resources

With the computer connected to the internet or a local network, teachers can access information around the world. They can do a quick search and find a lesson they used previously. Suddenly, a wealth of resources is at the teacher’s fingertips.

Empowering Students through Multimedia-Rich Lessons

For teachers and students, the interactive white board is a powerful benefit to the classroom. It opens up the students to collaboration and closer interaction to the lessons. Multimedia content can be shared and used in lectures, keeping students engaged.
More and more teachers are using interactive whiteboard technology in the classroom

Bridging the Digital Divide

For schools struggling to connect students to classroom lessons, or keep students engaged, interactive whiteboards is an ideal solution. An interactive whiteboard in the classroom provides students with the technology they know and understand. It enhances collaboration and invites interaction with the lesson. Afterwards, students can see how the technology they use connects to the lessons they learn in school.

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