March 1, 2023

Q-NEX Solution for Campus Communications

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Q-NEX Solution for Campus Communications


Campus Communications

Whether it’s developing a timetable for regular commands or preparing for disturbances– from late start days to true emergencies– Q-NEX provides remedies to encourage you to communicate plainly as well as to keep the circumstance in control.

Is Your University Communications Stuck in the Past?

In a normal district, classroom AV, PA, safety and security systems, as well as networks have virtually no relationship to one another. Classrooms often have two unconnected sets of amplifiers as well as audio speakers– one for paging, as well as one for multimedia, and well for voice. The outcome is numerous meters of repetitive wiring in the walls, as well as large hours spent on duplicate installation. Systems do not speak to each other. Administration obligation is commonly split between IT, centers, and training modern technology.

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Q-NEX Solution for Campus Communications – IQShare BYOM 13 2

Presenting Q-NEX

Q-NEX  is a durable IP-based AV control and interactions remedy that covers your entire school. Whether it’s developing a routine for routine commands and also news, or getting ready for disturbances from late start days to real emergencies, Q-NEX offers you even more power to maintain the scenario under control as well as interact plainly.
Integrate and simplify your communications

Q-NEX makes you more reliable by using existing electrical wiring in your networks. It connects through the speakers and amps currently in your ezRoom AV systems. And also it incorporates IP phone systems and door relays– so redundancy disappears.

It is available preinstalled on a committed server or can be released on an online web server. Its open design can be easily grasped by IT personnel, so you’re not enrolling in a limitless stream of outside service technicians and consulting expenses. No other area communication device provides Q-NEX’s excellent operational and also monetary benefits.

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