March 9, 2023

IQ Russian Partner Auvix Held A Conference for Teachers in Yakutsk

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IQ Russian Partner Auvix Held A Conference for Teachers in Yakutsk


The specialists from IQ Russian Partner Auvix introduced advanced technologies in the education field and modern solutions for the organization of the educational process to the educational community of the Republic of Sakha. During the practical part of this conference held in Yakutsk, a training workshop was held on working with? IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard and IQView E3511 Document Camera.

1. Exploring the IQView E3511 Document Camera

The participants of this virtual classroom are working with IQView E3511 Document Camera.

IQView E4521

It has a built-in system that can directly connect to a monitor, projector, and IQBoard interactive whiteboard. In a word, the IQView E3511 document camera with the built-in system does not require any PC connection.

2. Highlights from the Successful Virtual Classroom Conference

More than 80 teachers attended this conference. At the end of the class, participants took a test and received certificates. 20 participants with the best test results took part in the final quiz from Auvix. The winner of the quiz was: Natalia Burnasheva who won the IQBoard DVT Interactive Whiteboard 82inch, Yadreeva Sakha Nikolaevna became the owner of the IQ Document Camera and the teacher Sirditov Alexander Ivanovich won a tablet with an E-book.

Webinar - Smart Conference Room - webinarMeeting 11

3. Auvix’s Commitment to Interactive Technology Training

“At the moment, we introduced modern technologies into the educational process and it has become a strong power for the development of the education sector the demand for interactive equipment is still high and is keeping growing,” said Alla Vladimirova, head of the Educational Solutions Department. Nevertheless, the issue will not be solved only by purchasing equipment but by requiring teachers to work with it. Therefore, we held this conference to help teachers better work with those interactive devices.

4. Insights from Q-NEX’s IQSchool Ecosystem

“This kind of conference lets teachers better understand modern educational solutions that are used in progressive educational institutions,” said Oleg Solovyov, sales manager of Auvix. “It is important for us that technological training of the teachers can let them be familiar with the interactive equipment, so we are always ready to support such activities in the future.”

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