March 9, 2023

Case Study Shenzhen University

BPP University - BPP 05

Case Study Shenzhen University


In July 2011, the south campus of Shenzhen University was established successfully, which has a large-scale area and special design of buildings. With a total amount of 3,000 students, there are three colleges located on the south campus, including mechanical college and medical college.

Digital Podium - NDP100 5 2 scaled
Digital Podium – NDP100 5 2 scaled

Exploring the Versatile IQSchool Converged System from Q-NEX

As a core device, IQSchool Converged System is applied and equipped in every classroom. And together with an advanced management platform, users can have a clear picture of all devices located at different stores and classrooms. Moreover, managers can control devices to boot or shut down by using IQ Manager Basic software, which helps improve the life span of equipment a lot. In a word, IQSchool guarantees more efficient management of education equipment.

Shenzhen University Configuration List for reference

Device nameModelAmount
IQ Manager Adv/1
IQSchool Converged ServerBS1001
IQSchool Converged SystemV230N

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