March 9, 2023

Why Laser Projector Is the Future of Projector

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Why Laser Projector Is the Future of Projector


​As you may have noticed, more and more laser projectors have come to your view gradually. In the past, laser source projector was mainly used in outdoor and professional theater displays, but now it is increasingly applied in business, education, and home theater. So what is the laser projector, what exactly makes it different from the traditional lamp projector?

Vivid color and ample brightness

Firstly, vivid color and ample brightness.

Laser projector can achieve far greater color space than traditional light, its color performance is more than 2 times the traditional projector, and high color saturation, can truly restore color. Due to the low attenuation of the laser light source, the Laser projector makes its output quality maintain high brightness, color saturation, and contrast in the long term, the picture color has always stayed the same.

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20000H lifetime and free maintenance

Secondly,20000H lifetime and free maintenance.

Unlocking Extended Lifespans and Maintenance-Free Performance

Most of the lamp projector lifetime is 3000-6000 hours in the standard mode(5000-8000 hours in eco mode) laser projector is 16000-20000 hours in standard hours(maximum to 30000 hours in eco mode).

 Insights on Color Accuracy and Power Savings

Normal lamp projector needs to be replacing the lamp regularly and may rupture or explode due to the unstable lamp structure. By comparison, on account of the high reliability of laser structure, laser projector can truly achieve maintenance-free use: no danger of lamp exploding and the lamp replaced should be at least a decade.

High efficiency and energy saving

Thirdly, High efficiency and energy saving.

From Ultra-Short Throw to Instant On/Off Capabilities

As the light source, the blue laser beam will be turned into red, green, and blue light by the color wheel, and then RGB light will be projected on the DMD chip to almost 100% display the image on the screen, which means laser only create the exact colors needed, which uses less power. But for the normal projector to create light, the projector will waste most of this light, only leaving the red, green and blue parts, inefficient and energy-costing.

Exploring the Advantages of IQProjector’s Laser-Based Solutions

There are also some other awesome advantages with laser projector, ultra short throw create a big screen,3D application,dust-proof design, nearly instant on/off, no need to warm up or cool down is?cool for projector owner.If you??re interested you can learn more in IQProjector or inquiry to directly.

Knowing more about laser projectors, you may wonder how much does laser projector with so many unparalleled advantages cost. And What should you pay attention to when purchasing.

I will clarify details on these questions in the next article(Part II) later.

Note: This article represents personal views, not standing for any official position.

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