March 9, 2023

IQ Annual Group Travel A Visit to Mount LU

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IQ Annual Group Travel A Visit to Mount LU


Have you ever read ”Its Torrent Dashes Down Three Feet from high, I Wonder if its Milky way that falls from the sky ” by Tang Dynasty-Li Bai , or ”you cannot see the Shape of the mountain when you stand on it” by Song Dynasty-Su Shi We all learned the poems related to Lushan. Therefore, IQ members are going to visit Lushan to recall the familiar place in our memories.

Early in the morning, we left for Lushan, having a great time together on the train, and reached there till afternoon, Lushan is famous for its summer resort and so it is! Cool breeze in the mountains! On the first day, we were headed for Flower Park which was named by BaijuYI. and the Ruqin lake which is like a violin lying in the mountain.

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The scenery made us relaxed.

The next day, we paid the visit to the Three Tiled Springs as we heard that you are not reach Lushan unless you reach the Three Tiled Springs. The steep stairs leading to the valley was really a challenge, but we made it.

Rowing in the water, having a water fight with each other.

In the afternoon, some of the stronger went to the Five Old Men Peaks which is mentioned in the Japanese comic, a miracle place for purple dragon training. The rest of us with families arrived at the Hanpokou across from the mountain, overlooking the Five Old Men Peaks and Poyang Lake.

On the third day, we visited the beautiful Meilu Villa, a place that once accommodated Chiang Kai-shek and Chairman Mao in different years. The unique bathroom inside attracted lots of eyes. Besides the Meilu Villa, we also visited the museum with Lushan history and the Mount Lu conference site. etc.

Time flies when we are having fun. Looking forward to our next journey.

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