March 9, 2023

Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display Ask These 10 Questions First

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Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display Ask These 10 Questions First


The next generation of interactive digital displays, such as IQTouch, are more popular in corporate and educational environments than ever before. They offer a range of amazing features that can be seamlessly integrated into existing technology platforms and are more cost-effective than ever.

Finding the Ideal Interactive Digital Display Solution

The best system allows users to do what they need while using their familiar and IT-approved software tools and existing peripherals.

Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display Ask These 10 Questions First - t9

This growth also drives the improvement of AV performance, smaller hardware footprint, and therefore less space in crowded spaces and a shift to open architecture solutions. Being able to use your own software and peripherals is key to this flexibility, as users often use non-standardized devices such as smartphones and laptops and want to connect them to interactive digital displays for collaboration.

If you want to set up an interactive solution for your business or school, think carefully about the following questions to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

10 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Interactive Digital Display Solution

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1. Size and space are often the key factors, and display providers that offer a variety of screen sizes can give you more choices. For example, IQ currently offers 55-inch to 98-inch options in its IQTouch series.

2. If you want to add an interactive display to your existing setting, is the interactive display brand you considering is closed architecture?? or an open architecture solution. Can it be smoothly integrated with your existing video conferences, cameras, software, and other devices?

3. Is the interactive display brand you are considering embedding in Windows, or does it allow you to run your own operating system display that has been approved by the IT department?

4. In addition to flat panel displays or projector-based displays, do you want to buy an interactive display with proprietary annotation software to make the system work best?

5. Whether the interactive display vendor needs to provide software licenses to all employees when using the display, further increasing the initial setup cost?

6. Ask if the annotations and collaboration software are included in the price of the interactive display. Also, do employees need training to operate the interactive display?

7. Does the interactive display use a third-party touch overlay for multi-touch functionality, or is it integrated into the design of the interactive display from the very beginning of design/engineering?

8. For true collaboration, consider how many users can use the interactive display at the same time. Ask how many contacts the monitor you are considering will support. For example, the IQTouch interactive display provides at least 10 touchpoints on all of its interactive display devices.

9. If you want to set up your monitor to interact with multiple users, can it work in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment?

10. Will the interactive display perform other digital signage functions if needed?

Seamless Integration of Advanced Interactive Digital Displays

Interactive digital displays based on an open architecture model have proven to be the best way to seamlessly integrate new advanced interactive display solutions into classrooms or conference rooms. More and more organizations are achieving this at a lower cost while leveraging existing best practices and existing audiovisual and video conferencing equipment and software investments in user organizations.

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