March 9, 2023

Interactive Displays Products for the K12 Classroom

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Interactive Displays Products for the K12 Classroom


If you want students to have a better chance at putting new information into their long-term memory banks, classroom collaboration and education technology are a must. The best classroom collaboration strategies revolve around products that help teachers bring crystal-clear, detailed images into classrooms to engage students and enhance lessons.

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How Interactive Whiteboards and Touchscreens Engage 21st Century Learners

The twenty-first-century version of the schoolhouse blackboard allows teachers to present information — including notes written in real-time — in a much more engaging way than chalk ever could. Interactive whiteboards and touchscreens can display images and allow participants to mark up what they see, taking notes and moving pieces around to make learning a more tactile experience.

Collaborative, Connected, and Crystal-Clear

Our Interactive Flat Panels allow the teacher to create and show any content on the screen to the class from their computer. They can then connect students on their devices to the LED for interactive and collaborative lessons. With a high resolution and low glare image, even the smallest of text is easy to read on the LED. Multi-touch allows the teacher to control and annotate any application that is running on their PC, MAC, or Chrome OS directly from the screen. You can even use gestures to control your applications.

The Power of Contribute Interactive Software for IQTouch Displays

Contribute Interactive Software enables content delivery, collaboration, Casting, and Multi-Casting all through a FREE cloud-based platform. Simply add your content, share it with your students or colleagues and they are able to collaborate with you – all through a browser. 

Great displays and hardware require thoughtful software to run properly. When choosing your display technology, look for products that come pre-loaded with robust classroom collaboration software that allows both teachers and students to easily share information on the display.

3 Effective Classroom Tech for K12

When it comes to choosing technology for the modern K-12 classroom, the best ed tech solutions have the following three features:

1. They allow teachers to provide students with a wealth of visual and tactile experiences to promote better interactive learning and long-term memory. Images should be crystal-clear, with rich color and detail.

2. They come fully loaded with intuitive, easy-to-use software so teachers can get up and running without wasting time learning a new system.

3. They allow for classroom collaboration between multiple devices so that students and teachers can seamlessly share their work with each other.


With these three items on your digital shopping list, you should be able to equip K-12 students with the most effective tools for interactive learning in a connected, collaborative environment.

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