March 9, 2023

Interactive Whiteboard Technology You Should Know

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Interactive Whiteboard Technology You Should Know


Technology has come such a long way over the last number of years that learning has changed completely. The facilities available to teachers and students have become much more technologically advanced.

An interactive whiteboard gives you the ability to use a display as a touchscreen device for everything from whiteboard to collaboration. An interactive whiteboard is a tool that allows multiple people to engage in a collaborative experience using a touchscreen to take notes, annotate content, and more.

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Research studies have found that:

1. Interactive whiteboards support a range of learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

2. The use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom leads to consistent improvements across all subjects.

3. Interactive whiteboards have very positive impacts on the attention, attitude, and motivation of all pupils and produce a cooperative, community of learning ethos in the classroom.

4. Interactive whiteboards help with teaching abstract and difficult concepts and complex ideas – visual tools help pupils concentrate for longer and understand more fully. 

There are two major types of interactive display whiteboards. First is a stand-alone display. This is a display screen that can be interacted with directly. The images show on the screen the same as they would on a computer display or digital signage screen. The difference is that touch is enabled. The other major type of interactive whiteboard uses an interactive projector – most commonly a short-throw projector that will be installed just above the display surface.

In addition, Sharing ideas through an interactive whiteboard is a way that companies can take an idea to the next level. Companies find a real benefit in the ability to easily share ideas using interactive whiteboards. Not to mention, being able to share and convey ideas in such a short amount of time increases the speed at which new initiatives can begin with everyone on board. Saving time saves companies money. Interactive whiteboards are also heavily utilized in the education space to enhance the learning process. What’s more, interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record their instruction and post the material for review by students at a later time. This can be a very effective instructional strategy for students who benefit from repetition, who need to see the material presented again, for students who are absent from school, for struggling learners, and for review.

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