March 3, 2023

How to Have a Smarter Classroom

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How to Have a Smarter Classroom


Upgrade your traditional classroom to a smart classroom with Q-NEX solution. All the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the IT admin, but also easily operated by teachers.

A smart classroom is a classroom that uses technology to improve teaching and learning. By using technologies such as computer-based learning, online resources, and multimedia tools, teachers can make lessons more interactive and engaging for students.

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In a traditional classroom, students sit at desks or tables facing the front of the room while the teacher stands in front of them to teach. In a smart classroom, students have access to computers and other media devices that they can use during class time or after school hours at home. This allows them to take part in online discussions with other students from around the world, as well as participate in virtual field trips where they can explore places like museums or historical sites from home.

The Q-NEX solution has been designed specifically for this purpose: It makes it easy for you to create smart classrooms where teachers can teach more effectively thanks to their increased flexibility with regard to how they want their lessons delivered (e.g., through PowerPoint presentations projected onto large screens).

The classroom of the future is smart. It’s a place where teachers and students can innovate with modern technology, and it’s a place where everyone can be more engaged in their learning.

The “smart classroom” is a new term for a way to make the learning process easier and freer for students. The smart classroom control system is the main control means of the smart campus. He can provide automatic control of classroom lighting, automatic turning on and off of multimedia control devices, face recognition cameras, campus broadcasting, etc. It includes a classroom environment that can be easily connected to a variety of devices via cell phones. It also includes a web platform powered by IoT technology that allows teachers to move or operate in the space. It is a control system, which provided to the teacher by the hardware manufacturer, while the teacher only needs to operate it easily on a cell phone or web page.

Now to see how the classroom can be turned into a smart classroom where teachers and students can innovate with modern technology. Also, what the “Smart Classroom” can bring to both the teachers and students?

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1. Adopt a new way of learning

By balancing this new approach to digital learning, students will get more opportunities to participate. They can make learning tasks directly relevant to students and engage directly and effectively in classroom activities. Make lessons more versatile, and efficient, and improve student comprehension.

2. Choose different types of instruction depending on their devices

Teachers can choose different types of instruction to help their students understand knowledge in the best way possible. You can use smart devices such as mobile screens, tablets, and cameras to record interactions between students and students, and students and teachers. You can also choose from a variety of features such as the whiteboard function on Interactive Display and the screen sharing function. These features will allow your students to interact with their teachers and learn what they have learned. For example, when a teacher is teaching something new in the classroom, the teacher can use the mobile or web side to play an audio explanation video. These features make it easier for teachers to control these devices to use them properly and to use all of them more effectively.

You can choose the best device for the classroom you are in, a Wireless Presentation System or Interactive Display device to support that teaching scenario and work with the teacher through it to provide the educational resources needed.

In this process, teachers and students will collaborate with each other via smart devices. As a student works on a new topic, he or she can use teaching tools to help him or her learn the new content. For example, using the Interactive Display, each student can share their ideas with their classmates. They can create a teaching case on the screen. The teacher guides the students in a way to explore a topic that interests them. It also allows teachers to showcase their expertise in the classroom and interact in real-time to get feedback. For example, you can demonstrate a specific skill in the field in the classroom, such as initiating a poll in response to some question.

Q-NEX is a smart classroom solution that enables you to manage your school’s devices and AV systems with ease. The solution is designed to utilize the campus’s existing network without much change and yet with high capacity and flexibility in use.

3. The advantages of Q-NEX are as follows:

1) For the Princi pal:

-Integrated hardware for device management, saving money and energy.
-A single platform to manage all the school devices, remote control & monitor.

2) For School IT admin:

-Keep track of teacher’s repair requests over the smart APP.
-Set task schedule for automatic device operation & AV broadcast.

3) For Teacher:

-User-friendly desktop control panel for classroom device operation. -One touch to report a repair and get an update on the smart APP.

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