March 6, 2023

Everything You Want to Know about Interactive Displays in the Classroom AV Control System

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Everything You Want to Know about Interactive Displays in the Classroom AV Control System


For classroom AV control system, interactive display screen plays an important role in classroom teaching.  The obstacle for the AV system integrator is to develop and install a system that operates smoothly, and just as importantly provides a favorable experience for the individual. What IT/AV professionals sometimes fall short of understanding is that not every class user is just as comfortable with modern technology. Also, electronic citizens may somehow struggle to recognize how to use sophisticated Pro AV devices.

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Therefore, it is vital to create a class AV system that is easy as well as instinctive to use and improves knowing as well as collaboration, regardless of the audience or the speaker. One method of guaranteeing this is to use Q-NEX classroom AV control systems as well as control user interfaces. A control system, simply put, is the mind behind all the AV tools installed in a space, connecting as well as managing all the devices so they function flawlessly with each other.

A control user interface can be touch-based or responsive, in the form of a touch panel or a keypad. The control user interface is the main factor of communication for users– basically removing the requirement for push-button controls for all specific tools in the room, and also collecting all the required functions in one, streamlined and highly understandable interface.

Can you imagine the turmoil that would take place in a classroom if there were no control of user interfaces? Remotes would certainly be lost, stolen, or concealed by trainees as a prank. The AV system in the classroom would immediately become unusable, waste instructors’ and IT managers’ time, and also create a great deal of aggravation.

As we know, interactive display solution has become the new business and learning technologies. They provide convenience and innovations in businesses. Today’s businesses are competing with those who have more technological advancements than the other ones. The interactive display is an advanced interactive flat panel. It allows more speed in a workplace and higher productivity is achieved. An interactive display allows more collaboration and interactions in the classroom or office during meetings. The interactive displays can be connected to other devices depending on the function you want them to perform.

There are several different types of interactive displays. The following will help you in making the right decision when choosing the best interactive display.

Resistive Touch

It is the most cost-effective and most known in many offices and learning institutions. They need actual hand to touch the screen and are further limited to a single point of the hand. The resistive touch is commonly available in retail locations. 

Infrared Touch 

Infrared touch is most important during collaborations since they can easily detect input. Once bought, they can serve you for a longer period and support multi-touch functions. They work best in dark places as their performance is lowered by heat such as direct sunlight. 

Optical Imaging Touch 

Optical imaging touch operates by letting infrared light create shadows, which is used as touch. They can support multi-touch and are the most versatile touch panels.

Everything You Want to Know about Interactive Displays in the Classroom AV Control System - 20230324
Everything You Want to Know about Interactive Displays in the Classroom AV Control System – 20230324

Projected Capacitive Touch 

Projected capacitive touch has the highest precision and high speed when responding to touch. They allow a user to use them around small compact devices like smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices. The main disadvantage is its underlying technology, which makes it a challenge to scale larger sizes of the interactive display.

There are different ways in which interactive displays can be used in business. Most corporate businesses have witnessed the technological advantage of using interactive displays. With more advancements there revolution in the business field that will be an outcome of using interactive displays. Here are some ways that interactive displays can be used in offices.


A dashboard can be created out of an interactive display, which in turn will be displayed in the best location in the offices. A dashboard is an electronic device that is capable of collecting data and information from several sources of data such as web platforms. A dashboard gives your business an opportunity to track the KPI metrics by showing historical trends and other crucial data. Installing a dashboard through interactive displays has many benefits.

The dashboard ensures that data is collected and stored in one place that can be accessed in time of need by the company. This creates transparency in the company by showing the activities that are happening in the offices thus boosting cooperation among staff members. A dashboard further helps you access live data thus helping you build a data-driven culture in the business which ensures that employees can make quick decisions with available information.

Dashboard - Dashboard05
Dashboard – Dashboard05

Scrum Boards

Scrum boards can be drawn on whiteboards or visualized using sticky notes on the wall. An online scrum board serves the business better especially when there are many different departments in different working spaces. Information is shared at the same time thus increasing the level of productivity in the office. It is easy to track any developments and progress in the office from any location.

Way Finders

Digital wayfinders have come to make replacements for physical maps and other physical signage in many sectors such as transport and education. The way finders are placed in the office strategically and it easy to track the current location of employees and easy tracking of your way into the new office. 

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