March 6, 2023

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions

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Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions


1. AV Control System for Classroom

1)What is the classroom AV control system?

      The classroom AV system is a present-day classroom that uses high technology and flexible furniture to modify space according to the class style and what is needed as pupils learn. It is an excellent advancement from having classes full of desks and few whiteboards on walls. This class provides students with a fun learning space with uncomplicated learning tools to make learning effective. It is also perfect for IT executives who want rooms that don’t need hours of user assistance. When it is hard to get suitable materials for a classroom, this might be difficult; thus, getting advice on the right AV control system that works for you may help.

2)What are the Benefits of the AV Control System?

i. All devices can be controlled from a single location.

    The AV integrator can use an AV control system to link many devices into a centralized platform. After that, the integrator can configure program-specific processes and functions resulting from the user’s interaction. A global OFF button, for example, would turn off every device in the classroom automatically. Switching the source, controlling volume, and regulating lights are all examples of functions.

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions - 4 2
Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions – 4 2

ii. A single interface for users to become acquainted with.

A control interface, as previously stated, can be a keypad or a touch panel price limit determines the decision between the two; the amount of equipment and the number of functions to be used in control are needed. The same interface in each classroom offers the instructor a feeling of connection, safety, and relaxation. They know how to navigate the devices and can manage to begin right away, regardless of the classroom they are in during that day.

iii. Cut down on IT support duration.

Not everyone can use technology as well as others. Different technology in various classrooms, each with its operating instructions, makes it difficult for users to become comfortable with the device. The IT team can assist less often if an essential solution is repeated in every classroom with the same functioning interface.

2. Manage Your Classroom Technology with All-in-one Q-NEX

NMPNMP stands for Networked Media Processor, the Q-NEX series’ main product. It is primarily intended to assist school IT administrators in effectively managing numerous electronic devices around schools and relieve teachers of the burden of complex device processes in multimedia classes. It has the following ports:

·AV switcher

It has an AV Switcher with an HDMI and Audio matrix switcher plus a touch one to manage touch points from varying HDMI keys into a single touch show using a USB touch port.
 * A wireless microphone for collecting modules in the classroom.
 * An AV transmission module that is networked
 This distribution module has an audio transmitter that works for programmed class bells. It also offers broadcasting media streaming, a LAN button, and a TXT for announcing messages.
  *A device control module
  It comes with communication input space, control for air conditioning, a module to control power when it comes to displaying, projector lights, and more. It also comes with a Q-NEX panel to manage connections.
  *It also comes with a port that manages amplification power.
  *The embedded industrial-grade motherboard offers excellent speed and a system for embedded operations.

3. Audio and Video Devices from Q-NEX

·Audio devices

Digital audio is critical to fostering a tremendous and dynamic experience in the classroom, and no AV installation is complete without the necessary audio equipment in present-day learning. The AV installation for a large classroom or amphitheater can include several speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and switchers strategically placed to improve audio flow. You can review a list of products compatible with the Q-NEX AV distribution solution.

·Video devices

Video device instructors bring in outside experts for special classes. Classrooms and auditoriums must be equipped with technology that allows for learning based on videos and distance learning. Internet video recorders and the platform you have chosen are devices required for education based on videos. The AV tech has corresponded with the rise in courses, and learning from different distances is not limited to universities and colleges. It also offers instructors options to provide complete lessons with both sound and video, which is convenient for students. With the Q-NEX video devices, conferencing is easy.

4. The Function of the Q-NEX AV Control System

1)Classroom Amplification System
The sound might be an issue when it comes to large classes requiring halls or large spaces. With Q-NEX, you do not have to worry about this as you can amplify sound using speakers that support this. The classroom amplification system can even handle two speakers for some classroom solutions.
2)Broadcasting Console
The Q-NEX AV control system allows you to control classrooms as the instructor can adjust the room lighting to the necessary state to offer a great learning experience. Air conditioning is possible and can be done automatically through the control system, especially during summer. With these controls, you can lock doors, reducing stress from going to each classroom to close them.
3)School Bell System
The Q-NEX control system allows the scheduling of bells which automatically goes off depending on the set time. This system is very effective as it is automated and allows the smooth running of classes.
4)Networked AV Distribution
Q-NEX control system allows you to manage audio and visuals through the internet when transmitting data during classes. It is convenient as it will easily teach many courses with the available display and audio devices.
5)Smart Classroom Automation
Smart classroom automation allows the teacher to control classes automatically or remotely since you can centrally set things and control and manage your convenience. Q-NEX also comes with an intelligent solution that automates teaching and can even help change things on display as you teach.
6)Lecture Capture Solution
The lecture capture system allows the recording of presentations, videos, and even streams to devices like your laptop and PC. The software systems enable this on Q-NEX, which can be convenient for the teacher and learners as they can access the recordings and go through them.
7)Classroom Video Recording System 
The classroom video recording system allows you to record videos and review them for later use. With Q-NEX, this is convenient and allows you to schedule when to register.

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions - 4431
Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions – 4431

5. The application for Q-NEX NMP

1)Smart Classroom Solution
It is an upgrade from the regular classes. Since everything cannot be controlled centrally through an IT administrator, this smart classroom solution can easily be managed through teachers. It has an IWB as its primary display that allows connecting a PC, television, speakers, lights, A/C, Bluetooth receiver, wireless microphone, and even a projector, making learning easy. The alternative display is the IFP, which can handle everything the IWB display does except the projector, but IWB has the advantage of supporting a touch screen. With an intelligent classroom solution, you do not have to go to every classroom to turn off devices since you can turn them off from a central place. It also allows scheduling of tasks in that when everybody gets to class, they are ready to begin, and the A/C turns on automatically during summer. An AV switch allows you to control multiple screens to display the same thing, and it will enable you to send messages without having to gather students together.
2)Lecture Capture Classroom Solution
Connecting NMP to the lecture capture system allows live streams of input for videos and provides multiple video course resources. It comes with a video station that helps both a student and teacher camera to be a connection that is also connected to the audio processor at the back. It has a video station that allows a screen and a front that can be connected to a pickup microphone. The video station is secured using the HDMI to another station that supports a touch screen, television, a PC, and a DC. Regarding applications, it supports learning via YouTube, where the teachers allow discovery through streaming online. It also comes with simple operations, whereas as an instructor, you can record classes through a single touch, and it will provide close-up shot cuts and a complete view. It allows lecturers to teach different classrooms on time using Q-NEX, and instructors can schedule tasks. This AV switch allows diverse teaching materials and has an intelligent, more straightforward system as it changes coursework according to your teaching.
3)Lecture Hall Solution 
It is more suited to be used in auditoriums, large classrooms, and lecture halls, and it comes with an IQPodium and a Q-NEX NMP plus; it is an affordable way to teach. The lecturer has complete control with one click: they can control the projector, screens, inputs, on and off switches, A/C, lights, and more. It can connect to speakers, touchscreen, projectors, wireless microphone, DC, PC, gooseneck microphone, IQ share, IQ podium, and HDMI. It allows remote controlling of devices by the Web through phones or PCs. Lectern connection that allows multiple functions and also connecting control of broadcasts. You can also control devices in the classroom by touch and task scheduling and change the basic lectern to an intelligent version.
4)Campus Wide AV Distribution Solution
Q-NEX media box allows audio and video broadcasting using this solution, live streaming to every class and even places outside the class, for instance, the library, teachers’ office, cafeteria, reception halls, and even corridors. Its layout has a Q-NEX console that connects everything. It has NMP for the classroom and 3 MBX for the cafeteria, library, and Corridor. It can connect to the IP camera, smartphone, and PC with a camera through the open broadcaster software and video plus audio encoder. It offers applications like video and audio broadcasts across the campus, which can customize bells, promotional videos for the school, and news programs across campus. Message broadcast is possible to deliver daily and important alerts and announcements. On top of that, you can schedule tasks on broadcasts, maximum use of the displays present, and automatically turn on broadcasts.

Conclusion  Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions is an advanced learning method with many benefits. For a suitable solution, your consultation with Q-NEX is available, and depending on your budget and needs, they will provide the best option for you. Q-NEX has lots of resources to offer, from small classes to large ones that require places like halls, and sound is not an issue here. There is a lot of control with Q-NEX, and since scheduling is possible, class programs run perfectly. You should try Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution like this for a great teaching experience for students and teachers.

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