March 6, 2023

Classroom Technology Solutions Q-NEX AV Control System

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Classroom Technology Solutions Q-NEX AV Control System


What are some benefits of Interactive Displays in business?


Interactive displays are easy to use since most of them are touch screens. The displays give employees a chance to navigate and access information. Anyone can use the technology without the need to be guided or taught how to use it.


In most cases, interactive displays are meant for public use such as in hospitals, businesses and restaurants. Therefore, the display is made of sturdy glass that is powerful to withstand heavy usage. Their maintenance is easy as they are easily cleaned. The interactive displays are now available at the reception of many businesses, which share information about the company.

Higher efficiency

The interactive displays are more speedy than the traditional white boards. You do not need to spend time erasing stuff thus saving much time. Your customers and employees can also access information easily.

Interactive Display vs. Whiteboards

Today most businesses and schools have stopped purchasing traditional whiteboards. With technological advancement, they have moved to interactive led display or interactive flat panel.  

The whiteboards are hard to calibrate. They need to calibrate the system for the camera to interpret the location of pen or finger on the screen. The interactive display does not need calibration to function.

Projector lamps are expensive. Most white boards need projector lamps to function. The lamps are expensive and they come with too much budget. The lamps need cleaning frequently. This comes with more costs. The lamps are made of mercury explaining why they are expensive. The lamps need special handling and disposal and can be destroyed easily.

Whiteboards are very hard to move from one location to another. They are fixed with cables on the wall in the middle of the computers and projectors. It is very difficult to move it in case there is change of location of the meeting. This can inconvenience people or waste too much time moving the white board.

Whiteboards often do not easily detect a pen or finger without calibration. The interactive display can detect the finger or pen easily. This makes it easier for IT people since working with interactive display is easy and convenient.

The interactive display allows for remote learning and coaching. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most people had to work remotely while students were learning from home. The interactive display makes it easy for you to broadcast the meeting with employees via use of downloadable videoconferencing applications.

Finally, the interactive display has higher resolution than the whiteboard. The pixels displayed are higher thus making it easy for the employees and students to have a clear vision of notes and images.