March 6, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard

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Everything You Need to Know about IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard


An interactive whiteboard is a tool that allows multiple people to engage in a collaborative experience using a touchscreen to take notes, annotate content, and more. Many interactive whiteboards offer on-board programs that help to facilitate sharing and collaboration. For example, IQBoard interactive whiteboard provides IQ Interactive Education Platform Software for customers for free if they order IQBoard interactive whiteboard. They do things that an analog whiteboard simply isn’t capable of. 

Solution 2 04
Solution 2 04


In the past, employees would write notes on analog whiteboards and would have to resort to taking photos of the board or slapping “Do Not Touch” signs on it to save their work. Interactive whiteboards remove that hassle – they take the analog notes we are used to and automatically bring them into the digital world. They allow for things to be written down on the surface, shared, archived, and saved as digital content.


IQBoard interactive whiteboard solutions even allow for the integration of mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices can be connected directly or wirelessly, and you can easily annotate content that will be mirrored on connected devices. It works the other way around as well – draw on the device and see it mirrored on the display in real-time. This allows for another layer of collaboration. Sharing content directly from devices easily allows meetings to progress more fluidly and reduces downtime. Then you just send the annotated content back to the devices for later use.


IQBoard interactive whiteboard solution is not only applied to education for classrooms, also sharing ideas through IQBoard interactive whiteboard is a way that companies can take an idea to the next level. Companies find a real benefit in the ability to easily share ideas using interactive whiteboards. Not to mention, being able to share and convey ideas in such a short amount of time increases the speed at which new initiatives can begin with everyone on board. Saving time saves companies money. Interactive whiteboards are also heavily utilized in the education space to enhance the learning process.


Interactive whiteboards are a billion-dollar industry and are used in classrooms, boardrooms, engineering, coaching, and the strategic planning of many types of projects. According to statistics, more than 98% of schools in the survey had an interactive whiteboard in use.

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