March 6, 2023

Deeply Develop the Education Market Respond to the Belt and Road

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Deeply Develop the Education Market Respond to the Belt and Road


IQ and the Thai educational equipment industry have been for many years, with multiple demonstration classrooms and hundreds of schools in Thailand. This time IQ was invited to participate in the Worlddidac Asia 2019 exhibition in Thailand, bringing the latest IQ interactive teaching products. Our booth number is C10.

At this exhibition, the four core exhibits exhibited by IQ are: IQTouch C Pro, IQTouch K, IQTouch L, and IQAio GR519.

Streaming System - Media server softwares 6 1
Streaming System – Media server softwares 6 1

The latest version of IQTouch L Pro

The latest version of IQTouch L Pro is Android 8.0, which supports Google Store and App downloads. With 20 touches, full channel annotations. 4K high-definition display makes the class more colorful. The IQTouch C pro has a built-in projection system under the premise of 20-point touch and full-channel annotation. With IQShare Lite, the content on the laptop can be wirelessly projected onto the screen of IQTouch C pro. And IQTouch C Pro also supports tablet or phone casting. Rich interactive features are also available in business situations.

The IQAio GR519

The IQAio GR519 is a highly integrated interactive whiteboard with OPS, amplifier speakers, wireless mic, etc. There is a central control panel that can power on/off the projector, whiteboard, and OPS with one button or RFID card. Compared with the LCD screen, it has the advantages of low price and eye protection. With the function accessories – the interactive sub-board (with white board and green board optional) can achieve dual-screen interaction, it can save handwritten notes in electronic format. Which is more suitable for teachers’ writing habits.

The IQ booth at the exhibition was warmly welcomed by the teachers, students and dealers. The visitors expressed great interest in IQ products. It’s believed that IQ will develop more perfect products and more suitable for the Thai market in the future cooperation.

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