August 14, 2023

Digital Podium: A Multi-Functional Tool Shaping the Future of Education

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Digital Podium: A Multi-Functional Tool Shaping the Future of Education


Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Seamless Integration of Technology

The continuous development of technology has brought about new changes in the field of education. Digital technology is rapidly penetrating all sectors, and education is no exception. In this era of digital education, schools and educational institutions are actively exploring how to better use technology to improve the quality of teaching and the learning experience, and how to use technological innovation to create new opportunities and possibilities for teaching. At present, digital podium like Q-NEX NPD100 as an advanced teaching tool is gradually gaining wide attention and application.

Compared with the traditional podium, the digital podium combines a variety of advanced multimedia technologies, including multimedia integration for diverse content, touchscreens or one-touch control panel, built-in AV equipment, connectivity control port for external devices, and cloud connectivity. It also offers interactive tools, mobile control, height adjustment, data analytics, and collaboration support, creating a versatile and engaging presentation platform. The integration of these features gives the digital podium a powerful multimedia presentation capability and interactivity, enabling teachers to present teaching materials more conveniently, guide students to think and discuss, and interact with students in real time to enhance the teaching effect.

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1. Functions and features of Digital Podium

As an innovative teaching tool, digital lectern integrates multimedia technology, computer technology and interactive design organically, bringing unprecedented convenience and interactivity for teachers in teaching and demonstration. Taking Q-NEX new Digital Podium NDP100 as an example, it has the following prominent functions and features:

1.1 Multifunctional integration

The primary feature of the digital platform is the integration of multiple functions. It integrates several teaching elements into one, such as the interactive pen display PD150, Network Media Processor, detachable OPS PC module, flexible and adjustable microphones and wireless microphones, document camera and more. This integration allows teachers to flexibly complete a variety of teaching tasks on a single platform, from delivering courseware, and presenting diagrams, to playing teaching videos, and easily navigate the diversity of multimedia teaching.

1.2 Touch interaction

The interactive pen display PD150 is equipped with a magnetic pen so that teachers can directly touch the screen. Support a variety of touch technologies, such as PCAP and EMR, easily display teaching documents, pictures, videos web pages, etc., to present more vivid and intuitive teaching content for students. Whether in a traditional classroom or distance learning, this touch interaction creates a high-quality audio-visual experience for the speaker and enhances the presentation.

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1.3 Network connection with cloud services

The Networked Media Processor provides network connectivity and cloud services for the digital platform here. It is connected to other devices, so that the platform can easily access Internet resources and campus resources. Teachers can obtain the latest teaching content, library resources, academic papers, etc. in real time, enrich the presentation content, and enhance the academic value and professionalism of the presentation.

1.4 Easy to operate

The one-touch control panel is equipped with PoE power supply for the convenience of teachers. Built-in applications allow teachers to easily control the classroom, from power control, and projection switching, to temperature regulation, and even control IR devices by sending IR signals through Network Media Processor. This one-click operation greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of overall classroom management.

1.5 Multimedia support

Digital platform has powerful multimedia support ability, can play audio, video, animation and other teaching resources. Teachers can integrate various multimedia content into classroom teaching to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and improve learning engagement.

These functions and characteristics of the digital platform together build a highly interactive, convenient and practical teaching platform. Whether in a traditional classroom or a distance learning environment, the digital platform can give full play to its advantages, create more teaching possibilities for teachers, improve teaching effects, and provide students with a richer and more interesting learning experience. It is not only an upgrade of teaching tools, but also a model of educational innovation in the digital age.

2. Application of digital podium in teaching

Smart podium has a wide range of applications in teaching environments, especially for large auditoriums and seminar halls. It provides an educator or speaker with a way to effectively engage with the audience, enabling a more engaging presentation experience by seamlessly displaying rich audio and video content and one-click control of devices connected to the podium.

2.1 Applications in traditional classrooms

In traditional classrooms, smart podium plays an important role in teaching. Educators can use portable digital podiums to display teaching content, demonstrate experimental operations, play teaching videos, etc. The interactive function of a digital podium can realize the interaction between teachers and students. Educators can touch the screen to mark and explain in real time, attract students’ attention, and promote their thinking and questioning. Electronic podium multimedia support can meet different teaching needs, from text, and pictures to audio and video, creating more teaching possibilities for educators.

2.2 Applications in large auditoriums

In large auditoriums, the electronic podium shows its excellent application advantages. Educators can visually display teaching content and multimedia materials on the large screen through a digital podium, which realizes high-definition projection of content. Whether teaching a course or delivering an academic presentation, a portable digital podium creates an engaging teaching platform for educators. At the same time, the one-button control function of the digital podium allows educators to easily switch different teaching resources and equipment, and no longer need to switch controls frequently, thus saving valuable teaching time and improving teaching efficiency.

2.3 Applications in the Seminar Hall

For smaller meeting Spaces such as seminar halls, digital podiums can also take advantage. The conference host or speaker can achieve one-click control of multimedia devices through the digital podium, realize the sharing of audio and video content and the operation of the equipment, creating a highly interactive and collaborative environment for the conference. Compared with the traditional presentation, electronic podium not only improves the efficiency of the meeting, but also greatly enriches the meeting content, so that the participants can better understand and absorb the information conveyed.

The application of smart podiums in teaching is varied and rich. Whether in large auditoriums or seminar halls, it is able to create an efficient, interactive and enriching teaching environment for educators. Through its seamless multimedia presentation, one-click control and interactive collaboration, the digital lectern not only improves the quality of teaching and presentation but also provides a deeper and more vivid learning experience for students and audiences.


The excellent function of the digital platform not only improves the teaching efficiency of teachers, but also allows students to improve their learning interest and get a more vivid and interesting learning experience. With it, teaching will continue to move toward intelligence and convenience, becoming an indispensable tool in the field of education. For more AV control solutions for education, click here to visit.

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