March 6, 2023

Distinguish between Q-NEX Control Panel and Touch Panel

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Distinguish between Q-NEX Control Panel and Touch Panel


Effective management and control of devices, campus automation, high-efficiency teaching, and the enhanced hybrid learning experience are still the goals for many schools, whilst facing with partly students back to school and starting the hybrid learning mode. In this situation, Q-NEX provides Lecture Capture System Solution to help schools achieve these goals.

Elevating Classroom Technology with Q-NEX

For campus, this solution offers AV distribution system, and scheduled tasks are constructed for campus automation, which reduces the labor cost and inefficient process. For the classroom, it not only can realize the centralized control and management of the devices in the classroom by installing Networked Media Processor (NMP) but also recording and live streaming the lectures on YouTube for students remote learning. 

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Empowering Teachers with Q-NEX’s Intuitive Control Panel

Networked Media Processor (NMP) is equipped with Control Panel that can be wall-mounted in the classroom. Control Panel is a compact physical button panel, integrating the main functions of NMP to empower teachers to do quick operations such as power control of lights and displays, video matrix, volume adjustment, and access control.

From Compact Controls to Versatile Touch Panels

In terms of the centralized control panel, Q-NEX also provides Touch Panel. Different from Control Panel, Touch Panel embraces a built-in system and versatile functions that are not as simple as the Control Panel. 

Q-NEX’s Centralized Control Solutions for Seamless Teaching Experiences

It is a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and a simple wiring design of PoE connection. The bottom metal bracket allows the Touch Panel can be tilted on the lectern and the cables are fixed to avoid sudden disconnection. Not only easy to install but also keeps the classroom space clean and comfortable. With more comprehensive deployment of the devices in physical space, a complete upgraded plan is provided to meet the educational needs.

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