March 6, 2023

Why is Workflow Automation on Campus Important

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Why is Workflow Automation on Campus Important


Educators are taking up the challenge of adopting new learning modes and data science. However, when it comes to upgrading campus management—the school’s daily running—the importance of workflow automation is often overlooked. For the top-performing schools, it is a competitive advantage that can enhance operation efficiency for IT admin and teachers, and reduce running costs for schools, which creates an engaging student experience.

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Why is workflow automation on campus important?

For teachers, they are often restricted by technical operations such as complex manual processes and malfunctions. For IT administrators, repeated operations cost a lot of time and energy, daily management is very laborious. Workflow automation frees teachers and IT administrators to a large extent, allowing tedious and complicated processes to be replaced by automated tasks, realizing efficient operations and teaching on campus.

Automate Campus Workflows with Q-NEX:

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution enables campus workflow automation.

Streamlining Classroom Management and Operations

IT administrators can compress dozens of manual steps into one touch, and many steps can be carried out automatically without manual operation. By setting scheduled tasks on the Q-NEX Console web-based platform, you can choose to set scheduled tasks to all classrooms or designated classrooms.

Q-NEX’s Centralized Control Transforms Teaching and Learning

Q-NEX supports many kinds of tasks, such as powering on and off the devices in the classroom, up and down the projector screen, text broadcasting, and audio and video broadcasting. Easily realize campus automation with just one touch on the Q-NEX Console or remote control APP.

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