April 16, 2024

8 Advantages of Using Smart Podiums NDP500 in Classroom

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8 Advantages of Using Smart Podiums NDP500 in Classroom


If you are a long-time customer of our QNEX, you must be very familiar with our smart QNEX Digital PodiumNDP100 NDP100 launched in 2023. Now, to meet the needs of more diversified and more detailed education scenes, we have designed a new desktop intelligent platform NDP500 in 2024, which is more light and small and still has multiple functions. It’s an all-in-one design, so simply putting it on top of the desktop and connect with classroom devices will complete the upgrade for smart teaching space. In addition to the convenient appearance, it also has many powerful functions. Here are the top 8 advantages of using the NDP500 in your classroom.

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1. Enhanced Interactivity

The Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium combines dynamic and static interaction modalities. The built-in touch screen and interactive features enable real-time annotation, highlighting, and visual effects manipulation through a capacitive pen. As well as a free finger touch, thus promoting active audience participation and collaboration.

2. Multimedia Integration

The NDP500 seamlessly integrates multimedia elements into presentations. Presenters can combine video, audio clips, and interactive visuals to create engaging and immersive experiences. Not only the information transfer is enhanced, but also the multi-sensory learning environment is realized.

3. Accessibility and Flexibility

The Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium also plays the role of a smart Tablet PC, as it has an i5 CPU and Windows OS inside, The Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium with built-in i5 CPU has the higher processing power and responsiveness to provide a smooth user experience. So that teachers and students can easily access various digital resources while using it. Such as You can access Harvard University’s online course-sharing website or search for the references you want through Google Scholar from your own campus to improve the efficiency and accuracy of academic research and teaching.

4. Easy and Convenient Remote Management

The fourth point of the Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium is for device administrators. The NDP500 supports NFC access. By simply holding an NFC-enabled device close to the NDP500, connections can be quickly established for fast data transfer and interaction. NFC supports encryption and authentication functions, which can ensure the security of data during NFC communication. In transmitting sensitive data, it will be more reliable and secure. And there is no need to worry about the damage of data or files by naughty students.

In addition, the NDP500’s panel has two screens: a large screen on the left for interaction and display and a small screen on the right for a control center. Its UI design is similar to the QNEX Touch Control Panel, which is connected to the QNEX intelligent control ecosystem to adjust the operation status of key equipment in the room. This is very convenient because you can adjust the temperature of the air conditioner and the brightness of the lights just by standing in one place. Even the open state of the electronic curtain. This is important for creating a classroom environment with a school atmosphere.

5. Audio Visual Broadcasting Livestreaming

The NDP500’s multimedia capabilities provide a range of benefits and significance regarding the nature, timing, and content of the communication media. For the nature of the communication media, the NDP500 can transmit text notifications, audio announcements, or video media. In disseminating the announcement schedule, the NDP500 supports immediate emergency notifications. It can also release audio announcements or play music at a specific point in time through a predetermined time. This flexibility of schedule allows users to arrange the release of the dissemination content according to their needs. Ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of information. Regarding audio and video transmission, NDP500 not only meets the requirements of a wide range of audio and video within the campus. But also supports distance learning, webinars, the president’s speech, and other occasions, promoting the transmission and sharing of information.

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6. Improve the Audio-Visual Experience

The Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium is also equipped with a wireless microphone, a high-quality display, and an audio system to enhance the audio-visual experience for both speakers and audiences. The clear visual effect and clear sound page provided by the built-in speaker help to create a more attractive and immersive presentation environment so that the English voice intonation and the perfect melody of the music can truly spread in the classroom, which can be said to improve the quality of teaching greatly.

7. Matrix Switching and Seamless Connection

Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium supports 3×2 matrix switching, which enables teachers to flexibly switch input and output devices in the classroom, thus enabling dynamic switching and display of required content on the screen. In addition, the Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium provides connectivity options for external devices. Such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This connectivity enables presenters to seamlessly integrate their devices into the presentation to share content and ensure compatibility with various file formats easily, and this flexibility provides a better teaching experience and interactivity.

8. Ergonomic Design Reduces Body Fatigue

Modern people usually use technology equipment for a long time in a day and even need to get along with the screen at the workplace. However, if the screen is kept at an inappropriate distance or Angle for a long time, it may lead to many physiological problems or serious diseases. For example, symptoms include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Or musculoskeletal problems caused by uncomfortable sitting and prolonged sitting at a desk, such as back pain or repetitive strain injury, neck and shoulder pain or stiffness, etc. Therefore, we need to reasonably adjust the state of people at work to give the users of NDP500 like teachers a comfortable teaching experience.

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Smart Podium NDP500 Desktop Digital Podium for comfortable use supports 30°-60° screen adjustment with appropriate ergonomics. Instructors can find the most suitable screen Angle according to their needs and teaching scenarios. To find the most comfortable position for the lecture. When lecturing for a long time, they can choose an angle suitable for them, reduce the pressure on the neck and eyes, and improve the comfort of lecturing. It can help mitigate screen-related health risks. In addition, adjusting the screen Angle of the NDP500 to a smaller Angle during discussions that interact with students can better help the classroom to gaze at students and remain engaged.


By reading this article, you can learn about the eight main advantages of NDP500 enhancing interactivity, integrating multimedia, enjoying easy remote management, improving audio-visual experience, and more. Learn why NDP500 is an excellent choice for modern education. Of course, the best way to see its advantages is to use it yourself. If you want to use powerful NDP500 to optimize your campus teaching experience, you can click here to contact us.

We are looking forward to further cooperation and joint efforts for a brighter education future that can better adapt to the needs of the times and better meet the professional competitiveness of Generation Z’s academic performance.

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