April 11, 2024

5 Audio Visual Broadcasting Capabilities of QNEX NDP500for Campus

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5 Audio Visual Broadcasting Capabilities of QNEX NDP500for Campus


QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 is an all-in-one smart podium for classrooms. As a desktop digital podium combines a lectern and a nice touch screen, many people will think it is just a replacement for the Apple iPad. The live streaming capabilities of QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 are not just about accessing network resources and searching for new information. It can also play a powerful role in audio-visual distribution and transmission. In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to the 5 multimedia smart podium NDP500’s role in audio-visual delivery on campus. Hoping to give you practical inspiration for creating a more connected campus.

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1. Online Live Streaming

The popularity of distance education has gradually increased, and being present is no longer the first requirement for knowledge sharing or speaking promotion. Schools can provide distance teaching services for students through the multimedia live-streaming technology of QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500. Teachers can teach in the classroom and transmit the teaching content to the students through live streaming.

The QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 for high-quality video and audio transmission ensures that sIn addition, the QNEX lecture capture solution can also provide equally excellent streaming live streaming services. You can click here to read more details. Students can see and hear what teachers are teaching, and its low latency transmission performance enables students to interact and ask questions with teachers in near real time. At the network connection level of live streaming, reliable network connection and stable transmission quality after detection and update iteration can avoid lag and interruption in the teaching process. In addition, the QNEX lecture capture solution can also provide equally excellent streaming live-streaming services. You can click here to read more details.

2. Instant Audio Visual Broadcasting

People living in the world are not always safe, although the campus is considered by the public to be a place with a high degree of safety, the danger is not forever. In emergency, such as fire, earthquake, and other emergencies, the school can use the audio transmission technology of QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 to issue safety warnings and emergency guidance information to all teachers and students.

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The school can provide consistent emergency guidance and action plans to all teachers and students through the first-time message warning. In emergencies, teachers and students may feel confusion and panic. Instant safety guidelines can provide clear guidance on evacuating safely and finding shelter. Or take other emergency measures to save everyone in danger. Sound is another form of accompaniment, and the trusted instant broadcast can help people stay calm and take the right action.

3. Scheduled Audio Visual Broadcasting

When the smart campus holds various grand activities such as campus cultural festivals, sports meetings, and Open Day, specific time nodes must be scheduled for broadcasting. These time nodes can be the beginning of an event, the end of an event, the beginning of an important performance or speech, etc. Through the device setting of QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500, AV technicians can play relevant notifications, countdown, or background music to the whole school at the exact time. Dual screen QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 combines the 23.8-inch display screen and 10.1-inch touch control panel screen to meet the needs of scheduled operation and centralized control equipment.

4. Campus-Wide Audio Distribution

The campus is not a closed ivory tower but a connected whole composed of many functional educational Spaces. When the campus holds an important meeting, school affairs report, the president’s speech, or important decision announcement and other activities, it is necessary to set up a campus-wide broadcast to ensure that all relevant personnel can hear the relevant information. In addition, the campus needs to reserve the public address system at certain time nodes each day to play the class bell to instruct students to go to and from class.

Usually, at the beginning of class in the morning, the end of class in the morning, the beginning of class in the afternoon, and the end of class in the afternoon, the bell needs to be played on time to help students arrive or leave the classroom on time. The audio and video broadcast capabilities of the QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 enable accurate and timely information communication to target groups and provide necessary voice support and instructions for campus events, meetings, or notifications.

5. Immersive Multimedia Broadcasting in the Classroom

During the teaching process, immersive audio and video broadcasting can enhance students’ understanding and memory of the teaching content. In addition, the audio and video broadcasting capabilities of the QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 can be used for subject multimedia presentations and demonstrations, providing a richer way to present content.

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For example, when learning geography, playing HD videos and immersive sound effects related to geography can bring students into different geographical environments through audio-visual means and provide a more intuitive and vivid learning experience. In language learning, it is possible to help students better understand and master language knowledge by playing the native pronunciation of the relevant language, audio teaching videos, or cultural background introduction. In arts and music education, the QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 has built-in speakers and wireless microphones to give students a more authentic artistic experience. Allowing students to feel the beauty of professional performance and sound.


No matter the temporary emergency broadcast, or the deliberate public dissemination of the notice at a specific time node. The QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 for the classroom can play its role in audio visual’s high performance and high connection and integrated smart campus-wide network, whether multimedia resource sharing in a small classroom or broadcast notification in a large space. If you need a faster, more convenient, and more powerful tool to leverage the impact of value messaging. You can click here better to understand this all-in-one smart podium with our sales staff. Hope we can become a lasting partner.

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