November 9, 2023

6 Captivating Intersections of AV System in Zoos and Aquariums

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6 Captivating Intersections of AV System in Zoos and Aquariums


Zoos and aquariums are preferred places to relax on weekends for most people because it has many lovely animals and rich scientific knowledge. Suppose you are also a tourist who enjoys visiting zoos and aquariums, or someone who enjoys taking children to animal plans and aquariums during holidays to observe small animals and learn new knowledge. It will help if you are interested in enjoying captivating zoos and aquariums with robust AV Systems. In this article, we will introduce you to 6 captivating intersections of AV Control Systems in zoos and aquariums in detail.

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Unveiling the Power of Audio Visual Communication

1. The demand of tourists to visit zoos and aquariums

Tourists widely favorite zoos and aquariums. According to a survey, 93% of people believe their families enjoy watching animals up close. In comparison, 94% believe that zoos and aquariums teach children how to protect animals and the habitats they rely on for survival. From this, it can be seen that close contact with organisms and the popularization of science are the two main characteristics that tourists deeply love zoos and aquariums. They are also the two significant demands of tourists.

2. The definition and best framework of AV System

The meaning of AV is Audio-Visual. It is a collection of a series of audio and video components and devices. The superior AV System can provide and disseminate multimedia content. Not only does it help spread high-quality audio, but it can also enhance the visual experience. The dissemination of these contents is often based on the collaborative work of multiple audio and video devices.

It is no exaggeration to say that the networked Q-NEX AV System contains the best framework for AV Systems. Multi-functional Q-NEX AV System has a wide range of environmental adaptability. It can be used for entertainment, communication, education, or professional demonstrations. Whether you use it at home, in the office, or the theater, you can enjoy the high-quality audio and visual experience provided by the advanced AV System. To meet tourist’s needs for a better experience in zoos and aquariums, the integrated functions of the AV System can be used to achieve this.

3. Six captivating intersections of AV Systems in zoos and aquariums

Feature-rich AV System enhances the tourist experience of zoos and aquariums.  It can serve as a tourist guide indicators, providing real-time and three-dimensional direction and positioning guidance for tourists. As a biological knowledge popularization tool, the reliable AV system provides educational content for visitors to zoos and aquariums. In short, it is a powerful tool that can enrich immersive experiences by creating diverse interactive elements.

3.1 Guiding tourists with interactive navigation of AV System

Digital guideline displays based on AV systems can display creatures’ dynamics and information content in zoos and aquariums. Among them, the content that can be presented through the collaborative AV system information includes animal schedules, distribution maps of different animals in the zoo, animal protection information, and animal protection organization advertising. 

To provide scientific, reasonable, and convenient guidance for tourists and attract tourists, you can place these digital guideline displays based on AV systems at the entrance, exhibition area, and tourist facilities. In addition, the AV system’s display content also includes interactive maps, exhibition information, educational content, and audio explanations to enhance the self-service travel experience for tourists.

3.2 Providing an immersive experience with interactive exhibitions

The AV system’s interactive function allows it to create virtual tours of zoos and aquariums. In a multifunctional and cost-effective way, the innovative AV system can enhance the tourist experience of zoos and aquariums. They can create various interactive and educational experiences, attracting tourists of all ages.

The Functional AV System can create interactive exhibitions, allowing visitors to learn about animals interestingly and engagingly. For example, the robust Q-NEX AV system can create touchscreen exhibitions that allow visitors to learn about different types of animals in specific habitats. Exhibitions can include information about the physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and protective status of animals. These tours can allow tourists to preview what will happen before visiting in person, or provide them with a way to explore zoos or aquariums when they are unable to visit in person.

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3.3 Showcasing biological knowledge through rich explanations

To supplement the information in the interactive exhibition or to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of specific animals or themes. The displays based on network Q-NEX AV System can display interactive content and educational videos about animals and their habitats. At the same time, these contents can provide friendly visits to tourists.

For example, displaying educational videos, live streaming of animal exhibitions, information demonstrations, and promotional content. Alternatively, it can provide detailed information on species, habitats, conservation work, and research projects through explanatory displays.

In addition, educational information about animals and their habitats can also be provided.

Thus, it helps tourists to gain a better understanding of the natural world and recognize the importance of conservation.

3.4 Satisfying different lighting visual needs

Lighting is an integral part of the visual system. The friendly AV system creates an engaging and visually stunning environment. Different animals in zoos and aquariums require different lighting for survival. Tourists also need specific comfortable lighting when observing biological states and learning biological knowledge. The powerful AV system can quickly meet different scenes and lighting needs. In addition, special effects such as theater lighting, color changing LED lights, and projection mapping can enhance exhibitions, performances, and immersive experiences.

3.5 Monitoring and safeguarding the creature’s state

The monitoring and management function of the AV System can be used to monitor various areas and display facilities within the animal museum. By installing document cameras and monitoring systems, staff can observe animals’ behavior, health status, and environmental conditions in real-time to ensure their safety and well-being. For example, when setting the brightness and duration of the light, in the dark biological activity area, the light can be turned on during the day to simulate sunlight, and at night, the brightness of the light can be dimmed. Zoo administrators can easily manage equipment through remote control, while ensuring the regular rest of creatures in zoos and aquariums.

In addition, monitoring and alarm functions help protect the safety of animals and workers. Furthermore, we have also mentioned the management assistance functions of AV Systems in previous articles. If you also want to simplify workflow and achieve more efficient work through AV System. You can click on the link to this article to obtain more detailed information.

3.6 Distribution of high-quality environment audio

The vivid audio distribution of AV System can be used to create realistic soundscapes that mimic the natural environment, providing visitors with an immersive auditory experience. After environmental assessment and careful consideration, the connected devices of AV System can be scientifically placed throughout the entire zoo or aquarium.

During demonstrations, on-site animal dialogues, and interactive exhibitions, visitors can be provided with clear and immersive sounds when a high-quality audio system is installed in a zoo or aquarium—for example, environmental sounds such as bird singing, underwater sound, or jungle noise. Thus enhancing the authenticity and immersion of the exhibits.


In this article, we provide you with a detailed introduction to the all-in-one AV system’s ability to enhance the tourist experience when visiting zoos and aquariums. On the one hand, it can provide you with a more immersive travel experience, and on the other hand, it can provide you with as rich and diverse biological knowledge as possible. If you are interested in this cutting-edge AV system, click here to contact us.

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