November 10, 2023

Mastering Your Podium: User Training and Support

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Mastering Your Podium: User Training and Support


Efficiency is often the first indicator. More and more companies are investing in technology to assist employees and improve work efficiency. 75% of companies reported purchasing technology in the past 12 months to help their teams work more efficiently. For example, the interactive digital podium NDP100 is a multi-functional tool that can shape the future of education and bridge an effective communication connection between lecturers and audiences. In this article, we will present digital podium user training and technical aids to improve your presentation and cooperation efficiency.

Digital Podium - 1
Digital Podium – 1

1. Previous knowledge about digital podiums

Digital podium, also known as electronic educational podium. Digital podium is a modern presentation tool that can meet the needs of new and diverse scenarios. Providing a richer and more interactive teaching experience, digital podium adopts advanced digital technology based on traditional podiums. The combination of digital podiums typically consists of a device with a display screen, central control panel, audio device, and connection port.

2. The significance of digital podiums

Digital podiums have become an increasingly common teaching tool in modern education. Digital podiums have multiple roles and meanings in education, business, reporting, brainstorming, and forum meetings. Using digital podiums can improve teaching effectiveness, stimulate students’ interest in learning, and provide teachers with more teaching tools and resources.

3. Best practices of smart digital podiums

There are various types of digital podiums on the market. However, the smart Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 is the best practice for digital podiums. Here are some irreplaceable characteristics of it.

The innovative Q-NEX digital podium enables users to schedule the automatic powering on/off the podium and its connected devices. Additionally, it facilitates the sharing of lectures throughout the campus through AV broadcasting or live streaming when connected to a lecture capture system, thereby creating a blended learning environment. These are the advantages do Q-NEX digital podium over other digital podiums on the market.

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4. User instruction and technical aid for harnessing the power of digital podiums

Here, we provide user instruction and technical aid when you utilize the smart digital podium to innovate your presentation.

4.1 Connection between digital podium and laptop or other devices

You can connect your laptop or other external devices to the digital podium using various connectivity options like USB, HDMI, VGA, or wireless connections to transmit information across different devices. This enables seamless integration of your content during presentations and gives you control over what is displayed to the audience.

4.2 Methods for obtaining more teaching resources

To create a rich learning environment. You can easily access and share multiple teaching materials and AV content based on cloud connectivity with the digital podium. And acquire stay up-to-date relevant subject information and learning resources.

4.3 Technique to connect campus-wide with AV broadcasting and live streaming

You can streamline campus communication and engagement using the smart podium’s advanced AV broadcasting and live-streaming features with our digital podium user training. From emergency notifications to speeches, hybrid classes, and campus events, effortlessly reach the entire campus community. With reliable and automatic playback, the smart podium ensures campus-wide broadcasting of important announcements, notifications, lectures, and special events. Stay connected with the entire campus community through the connected Q-NEX Media server, facilitating effective and efficient communication.

4.4 Strategy to engage your audience with seamless AV display

If you need to create an interactive presentation and enhance your audience engagement, you can utilize a smart digital podium’s diverse audio-visual (AV) content display function. It features a 3X3 AV matrix switch and touch-following to the big screen. From presentations to videos, interactive media, and annotations, captivate your audience with a dynamic experience. That enhances audience engagement and ignites their enthusiasm for listening and learning by providing a constant stream of enriched audiovisual materials with timely explanations.

4.5 Tactic for scheduling device tasks

By integrating multiple multimedia devices into a centralized control system, the intelligent digital podium simplifies management and ensures a seamless user experience, thereby maximizing efficiency. With the help of an intelligent digital podium, you can automatically perform device tasks, such as scheduling device switches, managing AV broadcasts, and live streaming. In addition, the intelligent digital podium supports automated scheduling of device power management, which can save energy and reduce workload.

5. Use cases of interactive digital podiums

The advanced Q-NEX digital podium creates an immersive learning and conference experience, enhancing collaboration, simplifying the AV content sharing process, and providing convenient device control by providing multifunctional solutions.

5.1 Digital podiums for educational teaching

In education, digital podiums can provide multimedia displays and interactive functions, helping teachers present teaching content more vividly, and stimulating students’ interest and participation.

The digital podium can provide professional presentation tools and support in the reporting scenario. Speakers can use digital podiums to display slides, charts, data, and images, making the presentation more attractive and persuasive. The interactive function of the digital podium can also allow the audience to participate in discussions and questions, increasing the interactivity and effectiveness of the presentation.

5.2 Digital podiums in business scenarios

In the business environment, digital podiums can be used for product demonstrations, sales promotions, and training activities. Through the digital platform, sales personnel can showcase product features, demonstrate product usage methods, and interact and discuss with customers. The digital podium can also be used for training activities to help employees learn new product knowledge and skills.

Digital podiums play an important role in brainstorming and creative meetings. Participants can use digital podiums to record and showcase creativity, mind maps, charts, etc., promoting the collision and exchange of ideas. The digital podium can also provide real-time collaboration and sharing functions, facilitating team members to edit and discuss content.

5.3 Digital podiums used in the lecture hall

Digital podiums can provide an efficient information transmission and exchange platform in forum meetings and large-scale conferences. The host can organize and manage the speaker’s schedule and content display through the digital platform while interacting with the audience. The multimedia function of the digital podium can also be used to display the speaker’s PowerPoints, videos, and any other audio visual content, improving conference participation and information transmission effectiveness.

6. Final thoughts

Versatile digital podiums can greatly promote communication and collaborative cooperation in education or business. If you also want to enjoy the magic of this all-in-one Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP 100 and obtain more digital podium user training, you can contact us to unleash the power of presentations.

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