November 9, 2023

The Podium Battle between Digital Podium and Traditional Podium

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The Podium Battle between Digital Podium and Traditional Podium


The deep integration of digital technology with education is one of the mainstream educational trends. The size of the global education technology market was worth $123.40 billion in 2022. And it is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030. Observing the changes in the world, you can see the profound transformations in education caused by innovative technology. In this article, we will contrast and analyze the differences between traditional platform and bright platform differences. And we also advocate creating an innovative campus for you through intelligent Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100.

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1. The integration capabilities of the educational podium

The integrated effect of the teaching platform helps to improve teaching effectiveness and learning experience.

1. 1 Relatively limited integration of traditional podium

Regarding technical integration, the ability of the traditional platform is relatively limited. For situations where modern teaching requires the use of various multimedia devices and interactive tools, traditional podiums may not provide sufficient support and convenience.

1.2 The inefficiency of traditional podiums

Traditional podiums lack network-based remote management and control functions, and teachers cannot access and control devices through the network remotely. This may limit teachers’ ability to prepare for teaching and manage equipment outside of the classroom.

1.3 Multimedia devices integration of digital podium

Traditional teaching platforms usually only provide bare platform space. In contrast, intelligent platforms integrate multimedia devices, such as touch screens, document cameras, wireless microphone systems, etc., to achieve one-stop device control and operation.

1.4 Network-based remote control and management of digital podium

The intelligent podium supports network-based remote control and management. Teachers can control integrated devices through network access, while traditional podiums require manual operation of the devices.

1.5 Streamlining tasks by digital podium

The intelligent podium supports automated planning tasks, such as timed device on/off, AV broadcasting, and live streaming management, simplifying the event planning and demonstration process.

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2. The interactive function of the educational podium

The interactive function of the educational podium can encourage students to explore and practice, cultivating their innovative thinking and creativity.

2.1 Limited functionality and interactivity of traditional podiums

Due to traditional podiums’ limited functionality and interactivity, teaching effectiveness may be limited to some extent. The participation and interaction level of students may be low, and the attractiveness and effectiveness of teaching content may also be affected.

Although traditional podiums can establish a physical isolation effect between teachers and students, allowing teachers to maintain their control area and better manage classroom order and attention. However, traditional podiums usually place teachers at a high place, with a certain distance and physical isolation from students. This may limit the interaction and participation between students and teachers, making the classroom more unidirectional.

2.2 Traditional podium is cumbersome in volume and weight

In addition, traditional podiums are usually bulky and difficult to move. This means that the flexibility of classroom layout is limited, and teachers may encounter difficulties when they need to change teaching positions or engage in group activities.

2.3 limited vision caused by traditional podium

Moreover, due to the teacher standing on the podium, students may encounter problems with limited vision. Especially for students in the back row, they may have difficulty seeing the teaching content and presentation materials on the podium.

2.4 Interactive functions of the digital podium

The intelligent podium has interactive functions, such as touch screens and interactive digital boards, which can achieve more classroom interaction and participation, enhancing teacher and student interaction.

2.5 Remote control and management capability of the digital podium

The intelligent podium allows teachers to easily control and operate multimedia devices through a unified control interface in the Q-NEX Console. In contrast, traditional podiums may require multiple remote controls or manual control. The intelligent podium provides connectivity for various devices, seamlessly connecting multiple devices to achieve higher levels of collaboration and interoperability. For example, by combining a document camera with a touch screen, it can display documents or write content in real time.

2.6 Cross-platform interaction based on a digital podium

Intelligent podiums typically support cross-platform interaction and can connect and interact with students’ mobile devices or computers, promoting student participation and collaboration.

3. The multi-function of educational podium

The multi-function educational podium can integrate various educational technology tools to help teachers present knowledge more vividly through visual and auditory means. 

3.1 Traditional podiums have few functions

Traditional podiums usually only provide basic space, lacking rich multimedia devices and interactive interfaces. This limits the ability of teachers to utilize multimedia resources and achieve interaction during the teaching process.

3.2 The limitations in content of traditional podium

The traditional podium has certain limitations in information display and cannot seamlessly switch and display various audio and video content, such as presentations, video clips, interactive media, etc. This may limit the effectiveness of information display and fail to stimulate students’ interest and attention fully.

3.3 Traditional podiums cannot be connected to the internet

In addition, traditional podiums typically do not have network connectivity or limited network functionality, which limits teachers’ access and sharing of online teaching resources, cloud services, etc., in the classroom. This may lead to limitations in teaching content and limited resources.

3.4 Multifunction of digital podium

The intelligent podium can seamlessly display various audio and video content, including presentations, videos, interactive media, and annotations, providing a more attractive and dynamic display effect. Intelligent podiums also have data recording and analysis functions, which can collect and analyze data during the teaching process, such as student participation, interaction frequency, etc., to help teachers evaluate and improve teaching effectiveness.

3.5 Seamlessly connection by digital podium

The intelligent podium can be connected to cloud services through the network, making it convenient for teachers to access and share teaching resources and audio and video content, providing richer resources for the learning environment.

4. Brightened dot of Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP

Intelligent Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP is one of our core products at our Q-NEX technology. It is an advanced solution integrating multiple multimedia devices into a centralized control system. With its core technology of NMP, touch panel, wireless microphones, and more, it offers seamless control and management. Its highlights include effortless AV content switching, campus-wide connectivity through broadcasting and streaming, easy device integration and upgrades, a hybrid learning approach, and maximized efficiency through automation scheduling. The versatile digital Podium enhances the learning experience, simplifies device control, and improves teaching efficiency. In addition to classroom settings, the digital podium has many application scenarios. You can click on our previous article to learn more about it.


In summary, intelligent digital podiums provide more functionality and interactivity in teaching cases than traditional podiums, so the digital podium is the winner in this battle. Its multimedia display and real-time interaction functions help improve student engagement and learning effectiveness.

Are you also tired of the various drawbacks of traditional digital? So come as soon as possible to let the smart Digital Podium NDP 100 drive your educational transformation, keep you enthusiastic and proactive in teaching activities, and improve students’ learning outcomes. If you are interested in our smart Digital Podium NDP 100, click here to contact us.

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