March 3, 2023

Why Q-NEX Solution Will Change Your Future Higher Education

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Why Q-NEX Solution Will Change Your Future Higher Education



Gone are those days when education used to be a traditional classroom education with a blackboard or a whiteboard. With the evolution of technology, the education industry has adapted to various needs to level up the learning experience. When it comes to higher education, technologies like audio and visual media can play a crucial role. According to the latest data for 2021, audio-visual technologies have significantly increased by 30% at higher educational institutes. With the help of Q-NEX solution, you too can bring changes to the higher education system. This is the future of the education industry and it is better to adapt now.

How will Q-NEX solution change the education system?

With the help of the latest and modern technologies, the education system can see a huge change. Some of the ways the Q-NEX solution can help the educational institutes are:

Advantages for principal

The principal of an educational system is responsible for making some crucial decisions like budget, system of learning, and more. With the help of the latest technologies, he/she can make some informed decisions regarding budget for the education. This budget can be used efficiently on audio-visual technology that can help the students.

Advantages for teachers

Who doesn’t like a smooth flow of work along with easy device control? Teachers can find it extremely helpful and efficient to educate the students with the latest digital classroom technologies. This can provide both audio and visual learning experiences that can help the teachers as well as the students equally. These devices are easy to activate and also quite easy to report once there is any fault in the device.

APP Console - app03
APP Console – app03

Advantages for IT admin

With the latest technology solutions, the admins don’t have to manually operate all the devices in the classroom. Thanks to the centralized control system, the admins can create schedules of on and off time for all the lights, devices, and ACs of the classrooms. It also helps in automating the PA system as well as the school bell. Also, this can help in timely maintenance as well as repairing the devices for a more efficient system.

Solutions provided by Q-NEX

The latest classroom technologies can change the future higher education system completely. It can help the students as well as the educators to have a better learning and education experience. Some of the best solutions to level up your education system are:

Smart solution for classroom

You can upgrade your traditional classroom into a highly efficient and smart one with the help of smart solutions. With the latest technologies and devices, it will be easier for teachers to educate students more efficiently. Also, these devices can be centrally managed by the administrators of the educational institute.

Smart Meeting Room - solution 04
Smart Meeting Room – solution 04

Lecture hall solution

This is one of the latest technologies that can help you provide the best solution for your auditoriums, lecture halls, and large-sized classrooms. With this system, you can transform your classroom into a multifunctional one with audio-visual technology controlled centrally.

Classroom lecture capture solution

With the help of the latest lecture capture system, you can build your own virtual lecture room for live streaming. It can broadcast your lecture session on streaming websites like YouTube for all the remote students who are studying from their homes or other places. 

Audiovisual distribution solution

Audiovisual (AV) plays a huge role in your learning experience. It helps the students to understand better while making things more interesting and interactive in nature. With the help of the AV distribution solution, you can broadcast the audio as well as the video via live streaming throughout all the classrooms, common rooms, and campus.

To Conclude

All these latest technologies and solutions that you can include in your classroom can increase the education and learning experience. Contact Q-NEX solution for getting the best in class technologies to transform your traditional classrooms into modern and smart classrooms. This can offer higher efficiency in the education system and workflow. From smart classrooms to smart meeting rooms, you can get it all along with the latest interactive devices and systems. What are you waiting for? Transform your classroom today into a smart one and enjoy all the amazing advantages it brings with it.

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