March 3, 2023

Q-NEX Touch Panel A Centralized Control System for Access

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Q-NEX Touch Panel A Centralized Control System for Access



Since the pandemic, many have found ways to continue their lives despite the terrible things COVID has brought us. All thanks to technology, our lives are easy and productive even with the sudden changes implemented.

Similarly, many strategies have been created using technology in the educational sector. Now that schools are slowly opening again, technology has become pivotal in redirecting students’ steps for more meaningful learning. This is why schools and universities have been finding ways to improve school technology further. All thanks to the Q-NEX touch panel, the impossible can now be possible. With this, teachers can quickly drive a more technological classroom to assist them in teaching and learning.

What is Q-NEX Touch Panel

Q-NEX Touch Panel A Centralized Control System for Access - image 3
Q-NEX Touch Panel A Centralized Control System for Access – image 3

Q-NEX touch panel is a screen device where users can control it. Its power Ethernet function enables it to connect different applications and technology inside the classroom. Its function included versatility, authorization, smart control, and self-developed software.

Q-NEX Touch Panel Specification

Like any screen device, it also had different parts and systems that enabled it to do its work seamlessly. Here is the device specification.

● It has a 7-inch touchscreen LED for a wider view in a dimension of 180*140*9.0 mm.

● Quad-cord CPU and GPU for information processing and graphics visualization.

● 2g RAM for internal storage and 8g ROM

● Android 8.1 operating system

● Option installation of wall mount or stand.

Q-NEX Touch Panel Variety for Access

The Q-NEX touch panel system can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as the internet is present. The internet allows the device to use its centralized control system as long as the user has access. The Q-NEX Touch Panel is the main device that allows you to control any other system. But at the same time, there are other ways to control Q-NEX. Since it is dependent on the use of the internet, it can be accessed in different ways. Here are the two other ways to access Q-NEX.

1. Q-NEX Console

APP Console - app02
APP Console – app02

website platform where admins can control and manage schedules on the different systems inside the school. Through this, it can be accessed and changed in a single click with the presence of the internet. It has a distributed control system; it allows the different systems or equipment around the school to run itself.

The Q-NEX Console has the following functions:

● Remote control for quick login without installing the Q-NEX system.

● Control multiple technologies and allow them to run on their own.

● Video and Audio Broadcasting with text notifications and live streaming. 

● Massive cloud storage for memory

● Time Scheduling

● Data Analysis and management

The second option to have access to Q-NEX is through App control.


About Q-NEX - SY 12 1
About Q-NEX – SY 12 1

At the tip of your hand, you’ll able to access and control multiple devices, including multimedia, AC, lighting, and other system equipment, as long as the internet is present. It also has a flexible input where multiple control systems can be viewed on your screen. Lastly, it also has a tech support system where you can ask for immediate help if the device won’t work when connecting.

All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone, and your technologically supported classroom can easily be managed with the help of Q-NEX.

Q-NEX, whether the touch screen device, console, or app, was made to help people, especially in education. This centralized control system allows teachers to create the best learning environment with their students through the assistance of multiple technological devices at once.

Also, whether the school is implementing different types of learning styles like full-in-classroom learning or hybrid classes, doesn’t matter. As long as internet access is there, then the optimal performance of this technology can be used at its best. Managing different devices will be hassle-free, all thanks to its centralized control system.

Whether you are a teacher, the principal, or the administrator of the IT department, function assessment is easy, all thanks to this feature. Everything is possible all thanks to Q-NEX solution.

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