March 2, 2023

What is Q-NEX Master-Slave Room Solution

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What is Q-NEX Master-Slave Room Solution



Q-NEX networked media processor (NMP) is a highly integrated media control processor, not only taking over centralized device control for classrooms but also setting up master-slave room-enabled sharing of AV content of master classroom to slaved classrooms or controlling av equipment in another room. 

Maximizing Space and Efficiency: Creating a Smart Divisible Classroom - scaled
Maximizing Space and Efficiency: Creating a Smart Divisible Classroom – scaled

Master-Slave Room 

Q-NEX Technology for Master-Slave Room Solution is designed to provide a highly integrated media control processor based on Q-NEX NMP, which takes over centralized device control for classrooms. Not only does it allow you to set up master-slave room-enabled sharing AV content of master classroom to slave classrooms, but it also allows you to control the display screen and audio/video devices in every room. 

Independent Rooms Control 

When you need to divide a room into two, it can be difficult to make sure that everyone in the room has access to the media they need. The Q-NEX divisible classroom solution is designed to solve this problem. When you have a classroom or meeting room with a partition, each divided room can achieve independent multimedia device control and work without interruption in daily use. When needed, the rooms can merge into one again with the partition removed. This allows you to use the room as a single large space or two separate spaces. This available in many sizes, including one-person rooms and large meeting areas that can fit up to 100 people at once. 

Master-Slave Room Control 

The master classroom is the main room, which has the control of the whole system. All other classrooms are slave rooms. The master room can control all the slave rooms through the NMPs. Simply turn on Master-Slave Mode on the master classroom Touch Panel, it will switch its own display and loud speakers to slave mode. At this moment, all other displays and loud speakers in all other rooms will turn back to their independent states. To end Master-Slave Mode, simply tap on Master-Slave Mode again or turn off the master classroom Touch Panel. 

Flexible Space Utilization

The partition sensor allows a variety of different scenes and configurations in a room with independent control, which promotes the flexible utilization of the space. The partition sensor can transform two independent classrooms or meeting rooms into one larger multipurpose classroom or meeting room, allowing you to use the space for many different purposes. You can also use it to divide up an open space so that you can create separate areas for different activities or classes. The partition sensor can also be combined with other sensors to create a smart environment that can respond to the needs of your students. For example, you could use a motion sensor and temperature sensor to automatically adjust the lights or turn off the air conditioning when no one is in the room.

One Touch to Handle 

All With the compact control panel adopted, you can centrally and intuitively control classroom devices such as AV matrix switch, volume adjustment, and loT device control for display, light, A/C, e-curtain, etc. With a simple click, you can quickly adjust the conditions in the classroom. The control panel is designed with a touch screen. The user-friendly interface is easy to understand and use, providing you with full control of your classroom devices at all times.

AV Centralized Control 

The AV Centralized Control system allows you to control all of your audio and video equipment from a single location. You can control multiple zones independently, or use one remote to play the same music in every room. This means that you can use any room in your house—from your living room to your bedroom—to play the same media content at the same time. You can also use the AV Centralized Control system to control multiple rooms from a single location. This allows you to turn on different media players in any room, adjust volume levels, and change channels without having to walk around your home.

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