March 2, 2023

Q-NEX Networked Media Processor for Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom​

Q-NEX Networked Media Processor for Smart Classroom


Educators all around the world use Q-NEX audio-visual products to enrich the educational experience through multimedia. The Q-NEX educational audio-visual system provides clear pictures and sound, simple controls, and solid reliability. We continue to solicit feedback from educators in order to design the best audio-visual tools to help teachers present more vivid and interesting lessons, help students absorb and master what they have learned, and enable administrators to manage campus affairs more efficiently and efficiently. With a wide range of customized products to meet the exact needs of educators, Q-NEX is your most valuable partner on the road to great academic achievement. 


Q-NEX NMP is short for Networked Media Processor, and it is mainly designed for assisting school’s IT admin to well manage various electronic facilities in a school, and freeing teachers from complicated operation of a multimedia classroom. The Q-NEX NMP can be used as the brain of a multimedia classroom by integrating with various electronic facilities and media players in a school. It will automatically collect important information of all media players, including the name and position of each device, so that you can easily identify them and remotely control them by using the Q-NEX web console. Besides, it can also activate/deactivate all devices at once or individually with just one click on your computer. 

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution 

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution is a cloud-based, IoT ecosystem that empowers you to take control of your AV system. With Q-NEX, you can manage your classroom multimedia control and networked AV distribution throughout the campus with ease. The main product of Q-NEX, the Networked Media Processor, integrates a classroom amplification system for digital audio broadcasting and controls the power of the projectors screen, speakers, lights, A/C, electric door, and more—all based on your educational needs! That means it’s easy to manage all of your systems into one smart network. 

Why to Choose Q-NEX Technology 

We know that managing and maintaining all campus equipment in an organized fashion is not a tough task for an institution’s IT administrator, but it can be time-consuming. Making full use of each classroom’s technology or simply figuring out how to connect all classroom devices together is not a teacher’s worst nightmare. Using audiovisual aids will help create a more engaging atmosphere for your classes. Integrated and compact product design makes system installation and implementation easy and convenient.