March 2, 2023

What is Q-NEX GIIS Case

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What is Q-NEX GIIS Case


Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an international network of award-winning schools with 23 campuses across 7 countries. They include Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, and India. The school offers Indian and international curricula to students from diverse backgrounds.

What is Q-NEX GIIS Case - giis 校园图

Innovative Curriculum at GIIS Punggol

The GIIS curriculum is based on the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Council for Secondary Education). Students are taught in English by a team of highly qualified teachers who are trained to provide them with the best education possible.

Redefining International Schooling:

In addition to academic excellence, GIIS aims to give students life skills such as leadership qualities and confidence so that they can succeed in any environment.

The Holistic Approach of GIIS Punggol

In 2006, the GIIS Singapore team decided to build a new campus in Punggol from scratch. The idea was not only to accommodate all the students from the Queenstown and Balestier campuses but also to create a modernized school with state-of-the-art technology, taking the GIIS Punggol campus to the forefront of international schools in Singapore.

 Inside the GIIS Punggol Campus

The new campus was built on a land area of 21.5 acres and has been designed with an open-concept layout that allows for a better flow of traffic and natural light through its windows. The school building consists of four floors: three floors for teaching spaces and one floor for administration offices, a library, and a computer lab.

The Evolution of GIIS’s State-of-the-Art Singapore Campus

The GIIS Punggol Campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities so as to provide our students with an enriched learning experience. These include:

1) Science laboratories

2) Music room

3) Art room

4) Design Technology room

Empowering the Classrooms of Tomorrow:

In the era of information technology, everything in life is closely related to intelligence. Education is no exception. Students expect a more intuitive learning experience and an automated environment for efficient outcomes, faculty and IT administrators also hope to have a digital workplace that reduces inefficiency while being at a loss in complicated devices and engages in meaningful things to enhance education. The overall strength of an international school is represented not only by its students’ performance, but also through daily management which should be well-organized and intelligent. In a highly competitive education environment like Singapore, the GIIS team is aware of the power of ed-tech, and they want to take full advantage of it to improve teaching outcomes and raise its reputation among international schools.

How GIIS Punggol Leverages Technology for Educational Transformation

The GIIS team hopes that by using ed-tech tools such as Moodle, their teachers can save time on lesson planning by using pre-made courses or templates from other teachers. The platform also provides teachers with an online grade book so they can track student’s progress throughout their study period without needing to print anything out or update spreadsheets manually; this saves both time and paper resources!

From Paper to Digital

In addition, GIIS plans on using digital portfolios so students can show off their work from different courses easily.

Elevating the Student Experience

Starting a project from scratch is a huge deal, which requires enormous efforts to bring all related teams in charge of different aspects of the project together, discussing feasible plans for construction, electricity, school furniture, classroom layout, and AV equipment that can eventually work well in harmony.

The Ed-Tech Advantage:

Q-NEX team has stayed with the GIIS team from the very beginning to help come up with tailored AV solutions for the school’s needs. This included not only working on the planning front but also providing high-quality products and services throughout the entire process.

How GIIS and QNEX is Redefining the Future of Learning

In order to ensure that all these needs are met, we have provided our expertise in many different areas such as:

* Project Planning

* Equipment Selection

* Installation

* Training

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