April 24, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Smart Podium NDP500 Compatibility

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The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Smart Podium NDP500 Compatibility


In line with technological progress, our QNEX is constantly updating our products and developing useful products to meet more segmented requirements. As an intelligent desktop podium, NDP500 has many highlights conducive to learning and teaching. In our previous article, we have explained the various benefits of NDP500. In teaching scenarios, NDP500 not only has extremely high interactivity but also has strong compatibility. Now, in this article, we will further explore the compatibility of the Smart Desktop Podium NDP500 in detail.

1. What is Smart Podium NDP500

The advanced educational technology tool intelligent podium NDP500 is a new specific model of intelligent podium. Also called a digital lectern or interactive podium. It is an upgraded desktop podium designed to enhance the teaching and presentation experience in educational and business environments. Functionally, the smart podium NDP500 combines various features to provide an integrated platform for lecturers, speakers, and presenters. Windows-based computers with built-in i5 CPU, 8GB RAM performance, and strong networking capabilities facilitate dynamic content sharing and enable presenters to incorporate a variety of digital resources into the presentation.

2. The Compatibility of NDP500

From integration with various devices to seamless resource-sharing capabilities, let us delve into the wide range of compatible features that make the NDP500 a versatile and powerful tool for educators and presenters alike.

2.1 The Networked System of Intelligent Device

The Smart Podium NPD500 offers the unique advantage of high compatibility through its intelligent device network. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices, such as projectors, monitors, computers, and peripherals, creating a cohesive ecosystem for enhanced functionality and efficiency. The system intelligently recognizes and connects with compatible devices, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

The 3×2 matrix switching function of NDP500 also allows teachers to flexibly switch between input and output devices in the classroom when lecturing, enabling dynamic switching and display of required content on the screen.

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2.2 A Dynamic Resource Sharing Environment

This compatibility with cloud services, network connections, and multimedia devices enables presenters to retrieve and display content from multiple sources. For example, accessing an online platform, logging into a sharing network, or sharing files through a personal device.

A variety of digital resources, whether documents, videos, images, or interactive applications like IQClassOne for classroom interaction, are seamlessly integrated into their presentations, extending the unlimited impact of knowledge sharing. It also adds versatility and richness to the presentation, enabling presenters to effectively engage audiences and deliver influential content.

2.3 Building an Integrated Audio-Visual Environment

The second feature of NDP500 compatibility is that it is designed to facilitate the creation of integrated audio-visual environments. The NDP500 which promotes audio-visual effects is not only equipped with a wireless microphone but also comes with built-in speakers.

By providing compatibility with audio systems, microphones, and speakers, the wireless microphone supports sound transmission up to 40 meters, enabling presenters to provide clear and impact-sounding sound during presentations. By connecting the stage to an audio device, the presenter can ensure that his or her voice is effectively amplified, making it easier for the audience to hear and participate in the presentation.

In addition, the NDP500 supports connectivity options for projectors, monitors, and other visual display devices. This compatibility enables presenters to seamlessly present visual content, be it slides, videos, or interactive multimedia. By integrating audio and visual elements, the NDP500 helps create an immersive and engaging presentation experience.

Powerful NDP500 also supports instant, scheduled audio-visual broadcasts or network live broadcasts on campus. The integrated audio-visual environment provided by NDP500 improves the transmission efficiency of multimedia. It ensures that both visual and auditory aspects of the content are presented, enabling the presenter to engage the audience more effectively. The NDP500 helps create a professional and immersive audio-visual experience in a classroom, a small conference room, or a small teaching activity room.

Of course, if you are looking for an all-in-one digital podium for a larger venue or larger conference, you can choose our other versatile networked digital podium NDP100.

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3. Desktop Smart Podium VS. Standing Digital Podium

Intelligent desktop lecterns and standing intelligent lecterns are two common intelligent teaching tools in the classroom. The advanced QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 and all-in-one QNEX Digital Podium NDP100 are typical examples of these two types of innovative smart podiums. They differ in functionality and how scenarios are used.

3.1 Desktop Digital Podium

From the design point of view, the desktop smart podium is usually a device placed on the desktop, with a flat work surface and embedded electronic devices.

In terms of functions, the desktop intelligent platform provides an integrated working area, including computer display, operation panel, microphone and speaker, etc. They often provide handwriting and touch capabilities, enabling writing, drawing, and displaying multimedia content. For example, the main screen of QNEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 consists of a 23.8-inch interactive panel and a 10.1-inch touch control panel, which not only meets the requirements of interactive participation but also makes it easy to remotely control the running status of devices in the classroom.

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In general, the advantage of a desktop intelligent lectern is that it is suitable for small classrooms or conference rooms and provides convenient operation and control. They can be easily connected to other devices on the desktop for teachers to teach and demonstrate.

3.2 Standing Podium

A standing smart podium is a standalone device that provides integrated lecture desk design, schools do not need to purchase furniture to go with it.

The standing smart platform provides functions similar to those of the desktop platform, including computer display, operation panel, microphone and speaker, etc. They usually have a larger work area and greater mobility and can be adapted to different teaching environments and presentation needs.

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In terms of the used scene subdivision, the standing intelligent platform is suitable for large classrooms, lecture theatres or lecture venues, providing better vision and sound transmission effects.


Here are a few common questions about desktop digital podium NDP500 during installation and use:

Q: What are the common applications of desktop digital podium NDP500?

A: NDP500 is generally used in teaching scenarios. There are mainly institutions, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training facilities, etc. In teaching, NDP500 is conducive to operating, demonstrating, and presenting their demonstration resources. Ideal for interactive courses and collaborative learning processes.

Q: Does the desktop digital podium NDP500 require any special setup or installation?

A: The NDP500 is user-friendly and easy to set up and use, requires minimal assembly like the furniture lectern or the stand to go with it will do, and may require connection to power supplies and peripherals. Specific setup instructions can be found in the product manual.

Q:  Can I adjust NDP500 manually?

A: Yes. Desktop digital podium NDP500 supports 30°-60° Angle adjustment. So you can gain the best viewing effect of different locations like seating or standing.


Intelligent desktop podium NDP500 is an advanced educational tool. Its high degree of interactivity and strong compatibility are both reasons why we choose and employ it in the classroom. If you are looking to create an integrated audio-visual environment and an integrated device environment to enhance the overall learning experience, you can contact us here. And learn about this versatile solution for educators and students.

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