April 23, 2024

6 Most Classic Types of Smart Podiums

6 Most Classic Types of Smart Podiums - NDP 17

6 Most Classic Types of Smart Podiums


As an upgraded version of the traditional podiums, the smart podium is not only a digital teaching tool, but also brings many benefits to inspire students ‘thinking and improve the quality of teaching. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous optimization of teaching environment, the intelligent podium has also evolved from the basic screen + support framework to a variety of types. In this article, we will explore the new and high technology of Smart Podium, understand the different types of Smart podium, so as to serve education scenarios for better.

1. What are Smart Podiums

In 2022, Gallup released a report on the relationship between digital learning tools and academic learning outcomes. Research has found that digital tools are strongly associated with better student outcomes, including the convenience of learning at home and expectations for academic progress. From the perspective of product design and educational tool development, we believe that Smart Podiums like all-in-one smart podium NDP500, which allow teachers and students to collaborate on learning, are scientific educational tools that are conducive to sharing learning files and accessing online resources.

smart podium has user-friendly features that are easy to use. A screen that supports free touch, gestures, and digital ink writing helps communicate ideas more effectively. In addition, it has super connectivity, being able to connect with the projector to enhance visual visualization, connect with the monitor and computer for more information resources, and enhance interactivity.

2. The Purpose of Smart Podiums

So, what is the use of Smart Podiums as a digital educational tool? John, a second Language acquisition teacher at the University of Ghana is using smart podiums NDP500 in his classroom to develop 21st century learners. Through teaching practice and feedback and evaluation of learning outcomes, he believes that smart podiums make teachers’ lives better while improving the learning experience. After all, tools that help teachers attract and retain the attention of their students are invaluable.

Even more, the Smart Podium NDP500 promotes a sense of participation got kids excited about learning, helping her win the Best Teacher award from her school.

6 Most Classic Types of Smart Podiums - ndp500

3. Six Most Classic Types of Smart Podiums

In the following sections, we will explore the six most classical intelligent podiums from both morphological and functional perspectives.

3.1 Classification of Intelligent Podiums by Morphology

From the perspective of form, the intelligent podiums mainly have standing type, desktop type and wall-mounted type.

3.1.1 Mobile Standing Smart Podiums

The mobile vertical intelligent podiums have designed wheels and fixed supports so that teachers can easily move the position of the podiums. Which can be adjusted according to the classroom layout and needs. Making the classroom space more flexible and multifunctional. As the most common type of intelligent Podium, this type of podium usually has integrated display, power socket, multimedia control panel, storage space, and other functions. For example, the intelligent QNEX Digital Podium NDP100 integrates multiple multimedia devices to achieve one-stop, simplified, and seamless control. Keep all device control at your fingertips.

3.1.2 Desktop Intelligent Podiums

In simple terms, the desktop smart podium is a simplified version of the standing smart podium because this type of smart podium design concept can be placed on the desktop for use, it usually has an integrated display, touchpad, speaker, microphone, and other functional devices, enabling teachers to demonstrate, control and interact in an integrated work area.

However, we need to consider whether it supports wireless or wired connectivity. Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 supports wired connections to a variety of devices for stable connection as well as wireless connection supportive with the assist of the wireless sharing system IQShare. We need to consider the relative location of other devices when installing, and specific installation instructions can be found in our previous blog about set up guide of NDP500.

3.1.3 Wall-Mounted Intelligent Podiums

The wall-mounted intelligent podium is installed on the wall, saving the floor space. It usually has a foldable or rotatable design, allowing the podium to unfold and be folded away when not in use. Since the podium is suspended on the wall, it will not occupy much classroom area.

3.2 Classification of Intelligent Podiums by Function

According to the scene’s function, the intelligent platform’s main use can be widely used, from small education to large business meetings.

3.2.1 Intelligent Education Podiums for Small Classrooms

These smart lecterns are designed for small classrooms and offer features that enhance the teaching experience. They typically include connectivity options for integrated displays, touch screens, multimedia controls, and various educational tools. Smart educational lecterns in small classrooms enable teachers to deliver interactive lessons, display multimedia content and engage students through collaborative activities. They are optimized for smaller Spaces, facilitating effective communication and interaction between teachers and students.

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3.2.2 BYOM Podiums for Business Conference

BYOM is a highly flexible working style. The BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) podium for business meetings is designed to facilitate seamless integration with participants’ own devices and tools during business meetings with the help of wireless sharing devices like IQShare WP40. In terms of device connectivity, these intelligent rostrums support connectivity options such as HDMI, USB; wireless projection and screen sharing. Making it easy for employees to connect and display content from laptops, tablets or smartphones. In all, BYOM smart lecterns for business meeting can improve device flexibility, platform compatibility, collaboration, audiovisual integration, and ease of use, enabling participants to personalize their presentation experience and increase productivity during meetings.

3.2.3 Intelligent podiums of Large Academic Forum

Smart lecterns designed for large academic forums and seminars meet the needs of broad audience participation and complex presentations. Due to the professionalism and importance of the service scene, lecterns designed for large academic forums are often equipped with advanced audio-visual systems, interactive displays, connectivity options, and audience response systems. For example, built-in systems support functions such as simultaneous interpretation, live streaming and interactive presentations to ensure effective communication and knowledge dissemination in large gatherings. Therefore, smart lecterns for major scenarios such as large academic forums can enhance the overall conference experience.

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4. Quick and Reliable Approach to Purchase the Best Smart Podium

Through this article, I am sure you have clarified the need for an ever-upgrading teaching environment and obtained the innovation power from the ever-improving technology. Whether it is a standing intelligent podium serving for a larger forum space or a portable intelligent podium, it has provided great help for our teaching and education and the dissemination of academic ideas. Of course, if you are interested in the lightweight and multi-functional Desktop Digital Podium NDP500 or integrated Digital Podium NDP100, you can click here to contact us at any time for more product information.

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