March 2, 2023

The Importance of Campus

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The Importance of Campus


For the development of education informatization, the interaction between teachers, schools, and students has become an important trend in modern education. With the continuous progress of education reform, teachers have attached more importance to the construction of education informatization from the past, and at the same time, teachers’ demand for education informatization has become higher and higher. On the one hand, it can provide teachers with rich curriculum resources and learning guidance; on the other hand, it can enable teachers to better learn classroom knowledge and teaching experience. So in the face of the increasingly competitive education environment, how to create more high-quality courses? How to use modern education technology to achieve high-quality resource sharing? How to improve the quality of education and teaching? This is the key content that all staff engaged in education and teaching must think about and pay attention to.

Through the construction of lecture recording technology, high-quality high-quality courses can be recorded. The Lecture Capture system can realize real-time recording and video recording of the teacher’s lecture process in the classroom, realizing the whole tracking and video storage of the lecturer and students’ behavioral performance, and also sharing the video information through the network resource platform. By recording and visualizing students’ behavioral trajectory, it can improve students’ learning motivation and initiative. With the comprehensive promotion of education reform in various countries and the change of teaching mode, education informatization construction has become an inevitable trend in the development of education teaching reform. The campus Lecture Capture System has made an important contribution to the construction of education informatization – realizing the sharing of campus video and multimedia resources. It is to ensure that teachers can master the classroom teaching rules and students’ own learning characteristics, etc. to conduct classroom teaching research and optimize the teaching design process, while the recording technology is to record the excellent teachers’ classroom resources so as to make their resources present higher quality. 

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1. Develop high-quality educational teaching resources

Excellent video courses can be continuously updated, and only continuous updating can form effective quality teaching resources. In the process of video course development, we will find a large number of high-quality teaching resources, but these courses do not lead to effective development of resources due to various reasons, which causes a waste of teaching resources. Through the use of video for high-quality course recording, these high-quality resources can be effectively used to help students complete their course learning. At present, many educational institutions use traditional methods to complete teaching tasks, and this method brings a certain degree of waste of teaching resources. Traditional methods require a lot of time and effort to organize the teaching content, create courseware or prepare handouts. In the era of new media, teaching resources can be effectively exploited because of their fast communication speed. In addition, the teaching resources can be developed and utilized according to the teaching objectives to adjust the teaching plan.

2. Improve the quality of course teaching resources

Lecture Capture System to a certain extent makes up for the lack of exciting content in the traditional course recording process. Through the multi-camera split-screen display of videos of various subjects, not only can the classroom performance of students be displayed, but also all teachers and students in the classroom can watch the course video in real-time, realizing real-time interaction between teachers and students and multi-camera multi-window display. Thus, the classroom teaching effect can be effectively improved. At present, educational teaching resources are mainly in the form of audio and video recordings. Because the recording course is completed by the teacher recording, and according to the actual situation make reasonable adjustments and realize the course video recording. The Lecture Capture System can maximize the advantages of resources for the construction and development of course resources and the sharing and promotion of high-quality course resources by recording and producing course resources. Recording videos as course videos will be one of the most effective means for universities to improve teaching quality. In this way, the video will be recorded and then distributed and disseminated.

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3. Realize the innovation of teaching methods

A lesson will often not have the most ideal effect, and the effect will even be far worse. However, through the Lecture Capture System, the teaching process can be displayed in front of students, so that students can intuitively feel the effect of classroom learning, and can also consolidate this situation after the lesson, to have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the teaching effect. This not only improves teaching efficiency and motivates students to learn, but also can provide conditions for excellent course construction in the future. With the widespread use of Internet technology and computer technology in the field of teaching and learning, it has brought great changes to teaching. Lecture Capture System is a product of the integration of information technology and classroom teaching, and a series of modes such as live teaching, recorded lectures, and online discussions through the Internet can be effectively communicated.

The above is the importance and necessity of the Lecture Capture System. In addition, through the Internet, schools can disseminate their rich resources to more students through the network. The openness of the network allows teachers to better play their professional strengths in their jobs and actively carry out educational and teaching activities. In such a situation, the combination of Lecture Capture System and Q-NEX can realize lesson recording and live broadcasting, not only recording quality courses but also pushing the flow of quality course resources to the live streaming platform to realize social resource sharing.

By connecting the Lecture Capture System to Q-NEX NMP here, we can build a Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, so that the class can be broadcast not only to websites like YouTube for students studying at home but also to other classrooms for students in school. Meanwhile, the NMP can realize multiple device control of the classroom. Using the video conferencing software in the hybrid learning environment, the Video Station enables a mixed video (a combination of teacher and students captured by cameras in the classroom and teacher’s courseware) to be presented as the participant for those students who connected remotely at home.

To sum up, through the combination of Lecture Capture System and Q-NEX, the courses of excellent professional teachers in schools are recorded and broadcast live, which can provide rich quality educational teaching resources for the majority of educators, improve the teaching efficiency of schools and promote the development of education.

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